Thursday, April 12, 2012


date: Fri Jul 22 15:50:08 2005
from: Phil Jones <>
subject: End of day summary
to: Kevin Trenberth <>


My earlier email with Sherwood said you were away, so you may not get this
till later.
I will try and find some time this weekend to go through some more bits. I will
likely only have one day, and I have other things to do as well. Your email to all
expressed some frustration that the whole thing is taking too much of our time. I
feel the same too, but know that Aug 12 isn't that far away! I have to confess I'm
trying to do many other things. UEA isn't helping, the whole place is being
reorganized. I've been told to go to meetings about the new grant submission
format, and am getting grief for not going. Problem is that I have a couple fof projects
and a couple starting that need some attention. Also two PhD students finishing,
who I've been badgering for the last 2 years. If only they had wanted to submit a
few months earlier it would be much better !
As for the emails over the last few days.
1. The Australian insert into the extremes box was OK.
2. The amendments to 3.8 are OK.
3. I need to check what David has done. He is so responsive as he doesn't seem
to have anything else to do down there - at least when I was down in Exeter earlier
this week !
4. I will have a go at an opening for CQ2. Putting the heatwaves/warm nights into
CQ1 will likely mean I need to check for overlaps with CQ2. I had some of this
stuff there - all issues of temperature. I also need to get the new Figure in and
some brief text. If it is very brief I will leave it there.
Will check what David has done in this respect. The version
you sent yesterday seems fine to go with for the FOD. David will be away
after next week, but John Kennedy will be there if need any more mods
to any figures the HC have done.
5. Good to hear about Lisa Butler and the reference formatting. Remember that
Albert said he would check this list against the text. He is still keen to do that
in early Aug. This will be one less thing for us to do.
I was wondering earlier today whether a call early next week would be
useful. Any thoughts on that.
Have you heard any more on the DTR issue? Russ Vose should be back
by now? I will look this weekend into Aiguo's email as to why the CRU versions
differ. I suspect that a decision was made to no longer use some dataset,
but it might take some time to track down why.

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