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cc: Jason Lowe <>, Maria Noguer <>
date: Sun, 31 May 2009 18:27:52 +0100
from: "Nicholls R.J." <>
subject: RE: A proposal for QUEST-GSI-2?
to: Nigel Arnell <>, "Tim Wheeler" <>, Tim Osborn <>, "Dawson T.P." <>, Richard Taylor <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "sari. kovats" <>

Following the others, I think that an earlier proposal would be best to maintain momentum
and maximise what we can deliver to AR5.

Before, proceeding I would recommend talking to NERC - is there any steer there?

The disadvantage is time -- I am available for some of June, but only discrete windows.

Best Wishes


From: Nigel Arnell []
Sent: 22 May 2009 15:49
To: Tim Wheeler; Tim Osborn; Dawson T.P.; Nicholls R.J.; Richard Taylor;;;;;; sari. kovats;
Cc: Jason Lowe; Maria Noguer
Subject: A proposal for QUEST-GSI-2?

Dear all,

I know that we have not finished QUEST-GSI yet, but it is timely to think about
"QUEST-GSI-2". The QUEST-GSI framework has given us an excellent opportunity to make a
major contribution to IPCC AR5 and the DECC AVOID programme (as it evolves).

I am proposing that we submit a proposal to NERC for a new project to build on QUEST-GSI. I
have attached a very preliminary outline, summarizing how we would (i) run with new
scenarios and (ii) enhance the science (although I haven't yet specified how we might do
that - recognizing that "running with new scenarios" will involve some new science too).

The key question is whether we seek to make a proposal for the 1 July 2009 NERC deadline or
the 1 December 2009 deadline.

The main advantages and disadvantages of each are:

July (with potential start in April 2010) advantages

more time to do the science

Disadvantages time to prepare proposal

too soon to present results from
QUEST-GSI in proposal

too soon to bring in new partners

December (with potential start in summer 2010 at the earliest)

Advantages time to prepare a good proposal

Able to include examples from

Disadvantages risk of break with QUEST-GSI

Shorter time to do the work

I would greatly appreciate any comments. I have not discussed this with anybody at NERC or



Professor Nigel Arnell


Walker Institute for Climate System Research

University of Reading

Earley Gate




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