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date: Tue, 30 Nov 1999 09:28:37 +0000
from: "Melvin Cannell" <>
subject: Re: success
to: <>

Would it be an idea to talk to someone at Cambridge to ask about
sponsors - although we are not supposed to know about BP, the rumour
is that they were willing to put in several million with the Cambrideg
bid. Suggest this is done very soon.

Professor M G R Cannell
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>>> Mike Hulme <> 29/11/99 18:43:30 >>>
Dear All,

We have had an initial communication from NERC that the Tyndall
has been invited to submit a detailed bid for the Climate Change
The Panel were 'very impressed with our bid'.

Out of seven outline proposals, only two have been shortlisted, the
one being a Consortium led by Imperial College (with U.Edinburgh and
Oxford) in support. [not in the NERC letter - we believe that
Grubb is currently leading this bid].

The five 'failed' bids were those led by The Open University, U.
U.Cambridge, the White Rose Consortium and the UCL/Reading team.

We will very shortly have some specific feedback from the Panel about
bid, as well as some guidance on the content of the full bids. As
expected, the submission date is 29 February 2000, and the full bid
may run
to 50pp. in length, plus 50pp. of Appendices (12pt. size).

Some of the unsuccessful bids had certain strengths and NERC suggest
might like to capitalise on some of these by approaching individuals
involved.' Before acting on this latter suggestion we need to have
specific feedback from the Panel. Our initial reaction here at UEA
*not* to engage in a round-country search for extra partners, feeling
our existing Consortium already has enough strength. There may be,
however, 1-2 specific additional contributions that we may like to

More will follow when we receive the feedback, perhaps later this
week. It
may be possible to schedule a short meeting before the Christmas
break to
discuss our strategy - if not, and in any case, we should reckon on
fuller meeting of the Consortium sometime during January.

Congratulations to all ...... clearly, we have headed off some quite
substantial competition already, leaving one final hurdle to jump.



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