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cc: "Wahl, Eugene R" <>
date: Mon May 18 16:42:31 2009
from: Tim Osborn <>
subject: Re: Possible visit to Boulder
to: "David M. Anderson" <>

(An alternative would be for me to come in the days running up to the Wigley symposium --
not good for Dave "ride the Rockies", but I just wanted to point out that this is ok for
me, in case the 22/23rd is not good for you for any other reasons).
Best wishes
At 15:17 18/05/2009, Tim Osborn wrote:

Dear Gene and Dave,
many thanks for your positive responses about the possibility of my visiting.
I would definitely need to give some kind of talk/seminar to justify the UEA
expenditure, so if I can be squeezed into the seminar series that you mentioned, then
that would make it possible for me to come. I think I have just enough to cover the
trip, so, as Gene surmised, it is more about building more content into my trip than
asking you for support.
What do you think about this itinerary (taking into account that you, Dave, are away Jun
Travel Norwich-Boulder on 17 or 18 June. Attend Wigley symposium on Fri 19 June. Visit
you guys on Mon 22 / Tue 23 including giving a talk at physical climate division.
Depart Wed 24 Jun.
I need to book things soon, so let me know if this would fit in well, or suggest
modifications to make it work better for you.
Who makes the decision about physical sciences division seminar?
Thanks again,
At 23:24 14/05/2009, David M. Anderson wrote:

Hi Tim,
Gene mentioned that you might be able to make it to Boulder this summer, to coincide
with the Wigley symposium. If you have time to stop by the paleo branch, we would like
to hear about your work (via an informal presentation to our group), and Gene and I
would like to talk with you and get your opinions on how we can make the paleo data
archive as useful as possible. You might also consider giving a talk at the Physical
Climate Division of the Earth Systems Research Laboratory, down the hall from us. Robin
Webb, Marty Hoerling, Klaus Wolter, and Henry Diaz are a few of the scientists in that
group. Their group is large (about 30), and our group is small (8). I just asked, and
their seminar series goes through the summer. In contrast the University of Colorado
pretty much suspends events during the summer.
On a logistical level, we just failed to get support for a visitor because the budget is
tight until October. Gene and I were trying to visit you guys, but that plan also fell
through. But farther down the road, if you don't make it to Boulder now, we might be
able to support your travel at some point in the future. One other logistical note is
that our data manager Bruce Bauer and I won't be here the week of June 15-19. We
committed to a week-long bike ride called 'ride the rockies'. We will be back on the
David M. Anderson
NOAA Paleoclimatology Branch Chief and Director, World Data Center for Paleoclimatology
NOAA's National Climatic Data Center
325 Broadway, E/CC23, Boulder, CO, 80305-3328
Tel: (303) 497-6237

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