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date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002 16:23:04 +0000
from: Rick Battarbee <>
subject: Re: fw6

some random bits of info:

1. Matti, Bas and Andre responded rapidly and positively to the idea of
HOLIVAR as a vehicle for FW6 - Andre suggested getting in touch with
Duplessy (see below) which I haven't done (perhaps you could).

2. I'm off to Bonn tomorrow for the PEPIII torch handing ceremony with
Thomas Litt - one item on the agenda from Ann-Marie Lezine is the use of
PEPIII as a network (Keith will be aware of this)

3. Hans Brelen phoned me a couple of days ago about doing some evaluations
for him (Marie Curie) but told me:

(a) palaoclimate will be a specific component in FW6 - and they were
writing the programme now;
(b) he was thinking about how to put a network together, but would welcome
(c) his chief concern was that palaeo people from different groups didn't
seem to communicate with each other and that should be the aim of the
network. Although he know about HOLIVAR he wasn't aware that that was one
of HOLIVAR's underlying reationales
(d) he was disappointed about the failure of MUPPETS (out of his hands) but
would like to see MUPPETS (son of) incorporated somehow into future plans
(e) he and the Commission were looking for good networks to include in the
programme as examples

4. I promised I would send him details of HOLIVAR asap.

Keith, I think this is a fantastic opportunity to define community needs.
My impression is that Brelen is foundering somewhat and is looking for
help, and the request may be linked to there wish to put flesh on the bones
of the network idea and use palaeo as an example (see e above). I think
also that he only knows the palaeo that the EU has funded in the past and
that his concepts are somewhat dated. For example I don't think he's fully
aware of the developments in modelling that are currently taking place and
the importance we are now beginning to attach to palaeo-data compariosns
over the last 1000 years and longer. For me the agenda is the HOLIVAR
agenda in networking all the archive people (continental, marine and ice
core) with the instrumental and documentary groups - developing tools
linked to MUPPETS type databases - linked to the modellers - incorporating
some societal relevance through the historical and archaeological
communitues, with a sophisticated training programme on all the skills.

Good luck - great opportunity



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>Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 10:58:12 +0100
>To: Rick Battarbee <>
>From: Andr� Berger <>
>Subject: Re: fw6
> Dear Rick,
> I fully support the idea. Please contact J.Cl. Duplessy who is preparing a
>paleoclimate network.
> I suggested him to foresee a lot of connection with other networks in such
>a way to be reasonable in size.
> Best wishes,
> Andr�
> At 18:03 25/02/02 +0000, you wrote:
> Dear all,
> community as a means of creating a European wide network of excellence
> under Framework 6, focussing on high resolution data-model comparisons,
> model predictability and the impacts of past climate change on ecosystems
> What do you think?
> Best wishes
> Rick
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