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date: Mon, 26 Nov 2007 16:36:55 -0000
from: "Mark Hassall" <>
subject: Final Poster
to: <>, "'Miroslaw Kuc'" <>, "'Elizabeth Peacock'" <>, "'Taylor, Mitch'" <>, <>

Dear, Amy, Liz, Mitch, Miro and Tim,

Thank you all very much indeed for your help in producing the poster
(attached). Thank you especially to Miro for tirelessly running Riskman at what appeared to
be all times of the day and the night if I understand the time difference between us
correctly. That was a mammoth effort thank you, but well worth while I think because the
poster does now contain a lot of interesting ideas backed up by hard data, much more than I
imagined possible as little as a month ago. I have to confess I am rather looking forward
to standing up there with it. It will be a big meeting, at the last count there are due to
be 890 odd papers presented.

There was a last minute crisis when the proof that our print room produced came
out with pink and mauve ice which was highly surreal but which somewhat detracted from
your husband's splendid photography Liz. I took it to a commercial Co. in town who added
more blue so that it was fine in the end and is now printed and laminated.

I feel certain, due to the rash of papers appearing on this subject, that if we
want to publish these results we need to do so soon. I am taking a set of recent papers and
Amy's thesis with me to read on the 12h flights and any time spare between sessions. I
would very much like to have a stab at a very crude first draft before Christmas so that
Amy and I can circulate it to you all for comment and amendment/amplification as

I will let you know if the prides of hungry Marine Biology lions try to tear me
to sheds and what their comments are when I get back

Many thanks to you all again.



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