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Dear Climatic Research Unit,

I am writing to let you know about the newly published issue of Social
Research, which contains the papers delivered at the New School's recent
conference on Politics and Science: How their Interplay Results in
Public Policy. The issue includes papers by James Hansen on global
warming, Joycelyn Elders on health care, Martin Hoffert on energy
policy, and many other important papers by leading scientists, and
senior policy makers.

This remarkable collection of articles explores how the current
increasing politicization of science may be leading to policy decisions
that run counter to accepted scientific consensus and risks endangering
our health and well-being. Scientists and policy-makers from across the
political spectrum assess the current tension between politics and
science and discuss how to increase the likelihood that the best science
becomes the basis for future public policy. The complete table of
contents appears below. For additional information, please visit our

Because we believe that this issue may be of great interest to you and
many of your members, we would be extremely grateful if you would let
them know about this special issue. Specifically, we would grateful if
you could do one or more of the following.

- - Mention the issue in your newsletter or listserv.
- - Review the journal or selected papers in your publication or on your
web site.
- - Send the attached an e-mail announcement your organization's email
- - Post an announcement on your web site with a link to our website.
(We would be happy to link to your website from our web site in

If you have any questions about the special issue, or if you would like
a review copy, please feel free to contact me at this e-mail address or
by phone at (212) 229-5776 x1.


Cara Schlesinger
Managing Editor

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Social Research Publishes Summer Issue on "Politics and Science"
Includes papers by James Hansen, Neal Lane, M. Joycelyn Elders, Henry
Kelly, and many prominent others.

Social Research: An International Quarterly of the Social Sciences
announces the publication of its Fall 2006 issue, on "Politics and
Science: How Their Interplay Results in Public Policy." The papers in
this issue were first presented at a conference held at The New School
in February 2006. The conference brought together leading scientists
and policy makers from across the political spectrum, including James
Hansen, director of NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) in
New York City; Neal Lane, Science Advisor to President Clinton; former
Director of the National Science Foundation; and Henry Kelly, President
of the Federation of American Scientists; among many prominent others.
The full table of contents is attached below.

The special Social Research brings together papers by these leading
figures from the political and scientific communities to explore the
future of public health, the environment, and energy, and to examine the
increasing politicization of science in the United States and the nexus
of interests currently determining our government policy.

TABLE OF CONTENTS (see www.SOCRES.ORG for complete list of paper titles,
or information on how to order)

I. Recent History: The Emerging Conflict between Politics and Science
Gerald Holton: Introduction Henry Kelly: Science Policy in the United
States: A Commentary On the State of the Art Rita R. Colwell: Cholera
Outbreaks and Ocean Climate Daniel J. Kevles: What's New about the
Politics of Science?

II. Health
Katayoun Chamany: Introduction
Eric Cohen: The Permanent Limits of Modern Science-From Birth to Death
M. Joycelyn Elders: The Politics of Health Care William B. Hurlbut:
Science, Religion, and the Politics of Stem Cells John S. Santelli:
Abstinence-only Education: Politics, Science, and Ethics

III. Keynote Address
Neal Lane: Politics and Science: a Series of Lessons

IV. The Environment
Dawn Rittenhouse: Introduction
Michael Oppenheimer: Science and Environmental Policy: The Role of
Nongovernmental Organizations Steven F. Hayward: Environmental Science
and Public Policy Paul R. Ehrlich: Environmental Science Input to Public
Policy James E. Hansen: Can We Still Avoid Dangerous Human-made Climate

V. Energy: Technology and Sources of Power
Henry Kelly: Introduction
Martin Hoffert: An Energy Revolution for the Greenhouse Century Paul
Gilman: Science, Policy, and Politics: Comparing and Contrasting Issues
In Energy and the Environment:
Kurt Gottfried: Climate Change and Nuclear Power

VI. Roundtable Discussion
Ira Flatow, Robert P. George, David Goldston, Rush Holt, Ellis
Rubinstein, Philip M. Smith, Ruth Wooden

ISBN 1-933481-06-4. Available in Borders and independent bookstores or
by order. $14 ind/ $30 inst. Annual subscriptions, print + online: $40
ind/$120 inst. Foreign postage: $8/year or $3 for first back issue plus
$2.00 each additional issue. Online only: $36 ind/ $100 inst. Students
with valid ID: $28/one year. Agent/bookseller discounts available.
Payment by check (in US$, drawn on a U.S. bank, payable to Social
Research), Visa or MasterCard. Subscribe online at www.SOCRES.ORG.
Libraries and booksellers, please contact our office.

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