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cc: m.hulme@uea
date: Wed, 02 Feb 2000 13:02:23 +0000
from: Trevor Davies <>
subject: Re: series ideas
to: Annie Ogden <>,t.d.davies@uea


I would have thought we could get 4-6 programmes. I don't think we will be
short of things for them to film. Buildings made out of solar panels.
Rotterdam's sea-wall. How a household would have to live to cut down
greenhouse gas emissions by 65% etc. The reflectors in space etc, might be
difficult, but it would certainly make people understand what we might have
to do if we don't take responsible actions now. NASA will certainly help -
they've got nowhere with Star Wars & shooting down asteroids.

Yes I think we could take a 2-pole approach. Cope with it as it happens
(i.e do nothing). Droughts/floods footage, Greek heatwaves etc. Mitigate
now (major cutback in economies). Leading up to the obvious answer -
mitigate less drastically & plan for coping now e.g proper (solar powered)
public transport.

GM/Nuclear may be "controversial", but our Centre - & our rivals - will
certainly be looking at both. Research councils WANT innovation. I think
having the option of a TV series will be beneficial. Why don't you & I &
Mike have that meeting we talked about.

At 09:45 02/02/00 +0100, Annie Ogden wroe:
>Trevor: You caught me at an end of the day moment yesterday - when I wasn't
>really on the ball. I think the subject idea for the series sounds very
>good - definitely the next step on from the global warming stuff that the
>media has been focusing on. But if I am to pitch this to a commissioning
>editor, I need to have a clear picture of what we are offering.
>1. I'd like to firm up specific ideas for programmes:
>- how many programmes do you reckon could realistically be spun out of this
>- and what length - 45mins?
>- thinking pictures - what would they actually film? - especially for the
>more hypothetical stuff like the reflectors, painting the earth white, etc?
>- we talked a lot about mitigation - do you envisage any specific
>programmes on the opposite, "coping" side and what would the contents be?
>2. Is there any way we could we be involved in such a series whether we get
>the bid or not? Are these OUR ideas - or ideas the Government is suggesting
>that the new institute looks at?
>3. Some of these ideas are v controversial and the Govt seems to have
>stepped back from GMOs, for instance, at present. Their focus groups might
>not be too keen on nuclear power either. Are you absolutely sure that
>having a TV series to offer is going to be beneficial to your bid?
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