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cc: Mike Hulme <>,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
date: Thu, 07 Oct 1999 16:28:32 +0100
from: John Shepherd <>
subject: Re: 1st draft of outline bid
to: Trevor Guymer <>

Well spotted. By copy of this I'm asking Mike to delete it, as SOC will
appear as a full partner in association with the University, as we're not
in anyone else's bid, and merit a starring part, n'est-ce pas ??!!


At 16:26 07/10/99 +0100, you wrote:
>Thanks for copying the iterations to me. It's looking good. There's a list
>of organisations at the end of Section 3: Additional Contacts. Is this
>going to be deleted? At the moment there's a rather odd reference in it to:
>SoC, Adrian New
>> I think your first draft is a fine effort (no major problems at
>>all). I am sending back an edited version (Word 6 format, revision marking
>>switched on), with suggestions for deletions and improvements, which I
>>found was a good way to deal with this sort of job when doing the MillESyM
>>proposal recently. You can accept or reject as you see fit : no offence
>>will be taken.
>> Comments on other issues below
>> Good luck with the next iteration !!!
>> John
>>At 17:32 05/10/99 +0100, Mike Hulme wrote:
>>>Dear All,
>>>We are proposing the name of the Centre to be the Tyndall Research Centre
>>>for Climate Change Management (a short biography of Tyndall is appended!!)
>> I think this is an excellent suggestion, and I agree 100% with your
>>general approach to the issue. I would simplify to Tyndall Centre for
>>Climate Change Research myself, but shall not blow any fuses on this. Note
>>that there is something called the Tyndall Forum already in existence (I
>>think John Krebs was one of the founders) but I don't see this as a
>>problem : maybe you could even subsume it ! I can dig out more info on the
>>Forum if you don't have it.
>>>Names for the Advisory Board are tentative. I think we should end up with
>>>a nominal list of about 15 to give the Panel an idea of our thinking.
>>>Additional names and votes please.
>> I would be glad to approach Jan Pentreath (Chief Scientist of the
>>Environment Agency) if you wish me to do so. And someone from the Lamont
>>IRI for Climate Prediction ?
>> Re affiliations, for sequestration (inter alia) we should try to
>>get BGS on board. Has anyone approached them ? I should be happy to speak
>>to David Falvey (the Director) if you wish : let me know.
>>>There is an issue about nuclear energy.
>> You can't ignore it, but should probably not volunteer to do
>>anything much about it. I have inserted some suggested text in the draft.
>>>A reminder about CVs and logos.
>> You should have received the So'ton Univ and SOC logos by now, so
>>please contact me if they haven't arrived. Please use both, and expand to
>>"University of Southampton & Southampton Oceanography Centre" in the
>>various listings (mainly for the avoidance of doubt, but also (we think)
>>to raise the profile of the partnership).
>> That's it for now
>> JS
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