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date: Thu, 17 Jul 2003 09:53:11 +0100
from: Phil Jones <>
subject: Re: Antwort: Re: CR and the editorial/paper in the latest issue
to: Mike Hulme <>, "Wolfgang Cramer (PIK)" <>,


Dear Mike, Hans et al,
I told Hans I wouldn't email him whilst he was on holiday, but
Mike's and the exchange
has prompted me to share a few sentences I received in an email on
Tuesday. Here it is, it
relates to the paper in EOS and comes from someone within AGU.

I thought I would gag when I heard that Soon contacted AGU to question the
nature of the review (to which your piece was subjected) and claimed that
this was a clear effort to politicize the issue (he would never do that).
Of course he stressed that he and his colleagues were only interested in
the science and not the political aspects of the issue.

In CRU we have only issued a few press releases related to articles that
were about
to come out - related to extremes of daily rainfall over the
UK/Iberia. We've normally waited
for the press to contact us. They only do wrt Nature and Science articles
- never for J. Climate,
JGR, IJC and CR. The EOS article got little publicity yet Soon still
implies that we are trying to
politicize the issue. I've never experienced so many calls/emails about
the Soon/Baliunas article
back in March/April.

So maybe here's a test - do you issue a press release when a paper
comes out or are
you just happy the article has finally made it into print ? I think all
of us fall in the later
category. CRU's press releases have generally fallen flat or been
subsumed by world events.


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