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cc: Ian Harris <>,Phil Jones <>
date: Fri, 11 Jul 2008 16:06:10 +0100
from: Tim Osborn <>
subject: Re: PhD at UEA
to: "Jon Moore" <>

At 16:17 09/07/2008, you wrote:
>Hi Tim
>Thanks for the email. Yes, I got the PhD at Exeter with Peter Cox so
>I'll be heading there in September. Thanks for asking, I had forgot to
>notify you that I had a position.

Thanks -- and best of luck with it!

>By the way do you know who at the climate unit handles the CRU TS 3.0
>precipitation database? I've been using it in my dissertation on the
>affect of rainfall in determining forest fires in Borneo and I have to
>refer to previous work that used the older CRU TS 2.1 database and
>wondered if there is much difference in the interpolation between the
>two datasets?

Ian Harris (Harry), Phil Jones and myself are involved in various
ways with th CRU TS 3.0. As far as I know, the interpolation method
was the same in v3.0 as it was in v2.1. The input data may have been
different though. This wasn't simply an update for recent years, but
also some earlier years may change if we had received additional
observational data or if our earlier data had been altered by new
quality control efforts. Is Allan Spessa involved with your
dissertation? We recently sent him the individual rain gauge records
that we've used in our interpolation for this region. We could send
them to you, or you could just ask Allan for them, if they would be useful?

Hope that helps,


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