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date: Wed, 6 Sep 2000 10:49:06 +0100
subject: media seminar on COP6

Dear Dr. Hulme

I'm writing to ask if you would be willing to contribute to a briefing
meeting for BBC news and current affairs in advance of the forthcoming UN
climate talks.

This forms part of the Cambridge Media and Environment Programme of seminars
that I run jointly with Roger Harrabin of the BBC R4 Today Programme (see:
for more information on these). You will be aware that the Programme forms
part of the Cambridge contribution to the work of the Tyndall Centre.

We are looking for a lunchtime date, ideally in the second half of October,
allowing editors and journalists time to commission and prepare material on
COP6. We expect that the meeting will take 1.5 hours, and include two or
three short presentations from three contributors (15mins each) interspersed
with discussion. The meeting will start at 1.30.

Would you be willing to contribute? I know that there are huge pressures on
your time, but this is an important (and difficult) audience to reach with
these issues, and the seminars on various environment and sustainability
topics have in the past enabled increased and improved coverage.

We have pencilled in October 19th as a possibility, but understand from
your office at UEA that you may be out of the country at that time. If you
are willing to do the meeting, could you let me know if this or any other
dates are possible? Ideally Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

You are welcome to email or call me on my home office phone (below). I am on
leave from the Open University this week, but expect to be on this number
most mornings. Alternatively you can call my colleague Roger Harrabin on
0207 209 0829.

If you cannot contribute, don't hesitate to suggest other climate change
experts that you feel would enjoy and perform well in this kind of
environment. While you are one of the more experienced media performers in
this territory, one of the subsidiary aims of the Programme is to broaden
the media's cast list on these issues. (Indeed it would be good to talk to
you about our work in the next three years regardless of whether or not you
can contribute on this occasion).



Dr. Joe Smith
Lecturer, Faculty of Social Sciences
Open University, Milton Keynes
Email: <>
Home office tel: 01223 740135
Open Univ. tel: 01908 659232

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