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cc: "Phil Jones" <>, "Clare Goodess" <>
date: Wed, 31 Jan 2007 05:33:07 -0000 (GMT)
subject: Re: Thank You
to: "Rem" <>

Thanks. I will reply when I have more time in
Norwich next week. The IPCC meeting is progressing
very slowly and we are likely in for some evening
sessions today and tomorrow.

The Malaysian delegate here is Wan Azli, so I've
let him know you have passed and also had some
conversations with him.

In the meantime, best regards and more next week.


> Dear Phil & Clare,
> I would like to say thank you for all the supports and guidance
> throughout my PhD process -- from the beginning, until everything is
> finally completed. I know that the process took longer (and probably
> more complicated) in my case as compared to how it typically should have
> been. For this, I'm very grateful that both of you had been there to
> keep motivating and pushing me. I don't know how to put it in words --
> to show my appreciation because both of you had, patiently, put up with
> all the hassles.
> The entire experience has been truly rewarding for me -- in terms of
> learning process. And I honestly have to say here that regardless of how
> the final outcome may have turned out --- I would still treasure the
> experience as very enriching (in all aspects of my life). I'm glad that
> I've eventually earned the degree, but even if I hadn't --- having the
> opportunity to work with both of you (and being associated with a
> reputable centre like CRU) is still a precious experience.
> Looking back at the ciurcumstances (and I'm not only referring to the
> death of my father at the most critical moment -- but also, all the odds
> against me right from the beginning) -- I'm still shocked and couldn't
> believe that I eventually made it. I guess, the main reason behind this
> almost-improbable achievement, apart from the very effective supporting
> system in CRU (not only technically, but emotionally and spiritually --
> e.g. everyone there had been very empathic during my 'hard times') is
> because of the faith that both of you have in me. Without these, I could
> have easily gived up long time ago.
> Thank you very much, and please send my gratitude to everyone in CRU --
> especially Mike Salmon who had done so much for me (and all the other
> PhD students). I will definitely do my bits in promoting UEA, and
> especially CRU to Malaysian students (who are interested to further
> their studies abroad).
> Ramzah
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