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date: Fri Apr 22 16:45:22 2005
from: Phil Jones <>
subject: Pielke !!!

This is all I need ! Must try and be somewhere else !
Is Jr as bad as Sr, or has someone here got it wrong and this is Sr?
Sr is at Atmos Sci. so this is Jr.
At 17:35 21/04/2005, you wrote:

~~~~ All Welcome~~~~
3 May The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) - honest broker or political
advocate? Understanding the difference and why it matters
Roger A. Pielke, Jr, Centre for Science & Technology Policy Research, University of
Colorado, USA
4-5pm, Zuckerman Institute Seminar Room, UEA
The IPCC was created in the late 1980s to provide guidance to policy makers on climate
change. Roger argues that since that time, the IPCC has seen its mandate and behaviour
change from providing a guide to policy options to a much more narrow focus in support
of a particular option at the center of intense political debate. This process has been
accompanied by some in the IPCC leadership taking a more prominent role as participants
in climate politics. All indications suggest that the fourth assessment will continue in
this trend of narrowing it focus to advocate a particular approach to climate policy
over other possible responses. This talk will explain the important differences between
the IPCC serving as an "honest broker" and serving as a "political advocate." Roger will
also explore the consequences for climate policy of these various alternatives, arguing
that the IPCC is an important institution and that its role as an honest broker is worth
� [1]Link to more details

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