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date: Wed Nov 4 09:58:55 2009
from: Phil Jones <>
subject: Re: Clim Ch paper
to: Tom Wigley <>

Thanks for this - have printed off and will look tonight. Too much else on today having
been away for the last two days at a possible NERC bid (with Keith) in Bristol. I didn't
really think it needed a coverage section.
Hope you had a good time in Peru with Melissa!
Keith posted this the other week on Yamal. CA has yet to respond on Yamal itself, but is
going on and on about whether Yamal was used in this or that reconstruction. You can see
how the goalposts continually move, as now they are talking about strip bark (bristlecones
and foxtails) pines, which of course don't grow in Eurasia!
Attached is a bad paper by Esper et al. I can see why CA get confused when papers like
this appear. It does seem to have been accepted in 2 days!
Have you registered for ResearcherID? You get to this from the Web of Science. Once
registered you can locate all your papers with citation counts and it does nice plots of
citations per year and H-index etc. It retains it all and you can add others. Not yet found
out how to add in Chaps in Books.
Keith's H-index is 42 and mine is 66. According to someone at the HC, the whole of the
HC has an H-Index of 60. Haven't yet tried any of the other indices that are talked about
on the page. Keith's was easy to set up, but mine took an age getting rid of at least two
other PD Jones.
At 16:07 03/11/2009, you wrote:

Here's the rest. Still requires a bit of work from you.
Re coverage, I think this is adequately covered (ho ho) and
does not need a separate (new) section.

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