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date: Fri Jun 20 09:08:41 2008
from: Phil Jones <>
subject: Re: Re: we arrived in MOHC
to: <>

Dear Qingxiang,
Here's some comments on the latest draft of the manuscript.
There are 2-3 sentences that I do not understand and I have made many
changes to the English.
The most important thing you need to do is around Tables 5 and 6. You are
estimating the UHI using all 187 stations and then with 129. What you also
need to do is to develop a series with the 58 urban sites. Then the UHI effect
will be the difference between the 58 and the 129. Using the difference between
the 187 and 129 reduces the effect. I think that doing the difference between
the 58 and 129 will at most double the result you have. Remember that we got
0.1 deg C/decade in the JGR paper. I think you should be getting a larger number
than the 0.01 deg C/ decade that you have now, but not as much as 0.1. Probably
you will get 0.02 to 0.03 deg C/decade if you difference the 58 from the 129.
Also, (I didn't mark this is the manuscript) it is best to talk of differences
between the UHI effects (and the land-use changes) in absolute terms rather
than in the percentage terms you use on p13/14. You can still show that
urban and land-use effects are very small compared to the rest of the warming.
I'm away next week. I'll be back in CRU on June 27.
At 09:24 19/06/2008, you wrote:

Dear Phil,
I dicussed the paper with Ren Guoyu, and he admitted that NE China was a special region.
When I mentioned the abrupt change of series, he said he is also thinking about this.
And he told me that they found some large UHI effect in some small region in SW China
recently. But he didnot show me the text (In Chinese).
So I think it is the time we submit our paper.
Our In Box article to BAMS: A mainland China Homogenized Historical Temperature Dataset
of 1951-2004 (CHHT Version 1.0) by Li, Zhang, Chen,Li,Liu and Jones
has been forwarded to editor office in June 9, the package number is 9981, the editor is
Jeff Rosenfeld.
Thank you.
Best Regards

======= 2008-06-04 23:15:50 ����������ะด����=======
> Qingxiang,
> Here's some comments on the paper. I stopped half way through.
> I need to read the analysis section more carefully and I don't have
>more time today.
> I will look later.
> In the mean time here is where I have got to.
> I need to understand your logic at times. I think I understand why
>you are using
> the NCEP data from 1979. The text still comes over as though you
>are suggesting
> that UHIs and land use and land cover changes account for most of
>the changes.
>I don't think this is the case, so you need to clearer at the
>beginning what your main
> conclusions are.
> Cheers
> Phil
>At 18:25 02/06/2008, you wrote:
>>Dear Phil,
>>Thank you for the good news from AGU.
>>We find some difficulties to use internet here in Exeter. so we are
>>checking emails in the Central library in Exeter.
>>Yes, we spent about 8 hours in London, and visted British Meseum,
>>Bakinham Palace and Oxford street, and bought something for the
>>family people, and then got the train to the respective
>>destinations. Our journey seemed pretty good.
>>I nearly finished the urbanization paper (draft) during these days,
>>I will send to you, I have inclded you as a coauthor, Please tell me
>>about your thoughts.
>>We need to go now.
>> Qingxiang
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Prof. Phil Jones
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School of Environmental Sciences Fax +44 (0) 1603 507784
University of East Anglia
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