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cc: Keith Briffa <>
date: Mon, 17 Jun 2002 11:16:02 -0400
from: Ed Cook <>
subject: Re: Esper et al. and Mike Mann
to: Tim Osborn <>

Hi Tim,

There was indeed a letter from Mike and Malcolm (the Prat; in
Medieval times, that would have been his surname instead of Hughes)
published in Science, with a reply from me. See below. In all
honesty, I haven't even read what was published. I am tired of the
whole thing. At every meeting I go to where Mike gives a talk, he
always presents more on why his series is correct. Honestly, most
people I talk to think that he is being way too defensive (as we all
know too well). In any case, he is coming out with a new NH
reconstruction. It will be interesting to see what it looks like. One
problem is that he will be using the RegEM method, which provides no
better diagnostics (e.g. betas) than his original method. So we will
still not know where his estimates are coming from.



Cook E.R. and J. Esper. Tree-ring chronologies and climate
variability - Response; Science, vol. 296, no. 5569, pp. 848-849,
May 3, 2002.

>Hi Ed,
>Keith and I were talking last week and realised that neither of us
>had noticed the appearance of a letter in Science from Mike Mann,
>nor a response from you. Have we missed it?
>Hope all's well with you.
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