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date: Tue, 28 Feb 2006 13:49:57 -0500
from: "W.R Peltier" <>
subject: Re: [Wg1-ar4-ch06] Revision deadlines
to: Bette Otto-Bliesner <>, Jonathan Overpeck <>

I agree that there are huge problems with the reference list---in
particular none of those in my final text on sea level have been

At 12:37 PM 28/02/2006, Bette Otto-Bliesner wrote:

>Hi all,
>Yes I am leaving in a few hours for a National Academy committee
>in Washington. I should have email but not much time to check it.
>I will send a final marked-up draft of 6.4 later today. After
>that any additional changes are best to go directly to Dominique,
>Peck, Eystein, and Oyvind. I am not sure how we fix the references
>that did not get included appropriately in EndNote.
>On Tue, 28 Feb 2006, Jonathan Overpeck wrote:
>>Hi all - Thanks for the flurry of all the
>>revisions, revisions of revisions, etc. The
>>chapter is much better for all the work since
>>Friday. If you have any final input, please send
>>to the appropriate section leader by the end of
>>today US time.
>>All section leads should try to get �yvind,
>>Eystein and me your final sections ready to
>>cut/paste into the master by end of tomorrow at
>>the latest (US time). All outstanding references
>>need to be dealt with by then too.
>>Section leads at this point are down to single people
>>Exec Summ, Sec 6.1 and 6.2 - Peck
>>6.3 - David
>>6.4 - Valerie
>>6.5 - Bette (she may need everything TODAY - confirm to entire list if true)
>>6.6 - Keith (text) Tim (captions) cc all to both
>>And cc all to me, �yvind and Eysten so we can track what's going on.
>>Thanks, Peck
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