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date: Wed Feb 18 09:08:32 2004
from: Phil Jones <>
subject: Fwd: AGU paper 2003rg000143

I've printed these and they seem OK. Can you have a look as well and I'll email back
and say they are OK? I'll remind them about putting the parts of Fig2 and 6 together.
According to the email I need to send this back tomorrow or Friday at the latest.
Also they say proofs will come within 12 weeks, so by mid-May. I'll remind them I'm
away April 15-30. I'll give them your email to send to as well, but as you'll be at the
it won't help that week.
As for the EGU, I've just added you as Chairperson for the second half and me for the
first half. Session is on the Tuesday. Your talk is the first at 08.30 on 27th April.
half is from 11.00 to 13.00. You get 8 to introduce and me 7. You have the only 30 minute
slot. The other session I'm helping organize is the afternoon that day from 14.30 till
17.00 (CL23).
Let's hope the dates don't change. I asked Gerard Ganssen for one of the Tuesday/Weds
and seem to have got it. CL23 has Syd Levitus, Scott Woodruff, Alexei Kaplan and
the CLIWOC team talking. Also added my name to the poster chairing. These seem to
be on the Wednesday.
The Oeschger medal this year was won by John Mitchell. He's down for a talk on the
Wednesday so he says. So nominating Ray didn't succeed.
I also see that Soon et al. in GRL has come out ! Will your response come out?
We've decided not to respond despite the paper saying that the data on the CRU web site
are the IPCC TAR data - they aren't. If you do talk to people about Soon et al., either
colleagues or the media you can mention that. According to Chris Folland, Geoff Jenkins
and DEFRA the official IPCC series is their OA version of HadCRUTv - i.e. the old version,
not the one with 2 in. They seem to be the only people to know this ! The CRU web site
clearly says it is not the IPCC series. It also says to use the dataset names (i.e.
etc). There are two papers there to reference (J et al. 99 in RoG and J&M 03 in J. Clim) -
neither are ! Their discussion of padding is ridiculous - adding the 1856 and 2002 values
either end ! The running mean clearly shows phase changes !!
The CRU pages also says that the recent years are likely to change as back data goes
in and also the variance correction affects the recent values as well. To figure out
what filtering was used is easily done by using the beginning of the series - not the end
The data here don't change. I know you know all this - it just bugs me that this sort of
thing gets past 2-3 reviewers ! GRL needs tightening up some way - it just seems a
license to print 4 page papers.

Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2004 13:24:29 -0500
From: checksite <>
Organization: AGU
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Subject: AGU paper 2003rg000143
X-MIME-Autoconverted: from 8bit to quoted-printable by id i1HIOU1s019881
Dear Dr. Jones:
The figures for your article, 2003rg000143, have been evaluated and
sized by our Image Center in the Composition and Graphics Department
according to AGU style and are now available for you to preview. You may
access the PDFs of your figures by going to the following URL (please
copy it to your browser):
Your user ID is: 2003rg000143c
Your password is: checksite
Please note that these items are case-sensitive; use upper case and
lower case letters exactly as listed. In order to view your PDF figure
files, you will need to use Adobe Acrobat Reader v5.0, which can be
downloaded for free by going to
The Image Center evaluates all figures files for proper format and to
ensure quality display for both the Web and the printed journal. Figures
are sized according to AGU style. Staff may make improvements in the
following areas:
increasing line weight
outlining fonts
converting color RGB figures to CMYK for print
resizing for consistency with AGU style
Please note that for color figures, RGB works on the Web, but CMYK is
required for print. If you are not pleased with the conversion performed
at AGU, feel free to supply us with a new CMYK version that you have
When replying to this e-mail, please ensure that your article number is
part of the subject line. This will greatly facilitate matching your
correspondence with your article. Please do not attach any new or
revised figures when replying to this e-mail; instead, please send them
via ftp to:
Name your files with your article number, 2003rg000143. This is crucial
and enables us to match your revised/updated figures with your article
folder. Revisions/updates cannot be processed if they do not follow
these naming conventions.
It is important to review your figures thoroughly, as this is the only
opportunity to make figure modifications without incurring author
alteration fees. In order to see the actual size, please print out the
figure PDFs; do not rely on the size you see on screen. Please note
that we have embedded your figures into dummy text for your convenience.
Therefore, the actual placement on the page may be different in your
article. The next time you see your figures will be in an article proof,
which should be available to you within about 12 weeks.
If you find the figures acceptable as they are, please reply to this
e-mail and let us know. We will then forward your paper on to
We appreciate your prompt attention to this figure check step,
as your manuscript cannot be processed further without your approval.
Thank you,
Carroll Susco
Publications Coordinator
American Geophysical Union
2000 Florida Ave., N. W.
Washington, DC 20009
(202) 777-7428

Prof. Phil Jones
Climatic Research Unit Telephone +44 (0) 1603 592090
School of Environmental Sciences Fax +44 (0) 1603 507784
University of East Anglia
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