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cc: Eystein Jansen <>
date: Fri Oct 6 12:38:51 2006
from: Keith Briffa <>
to: Jonathan Overpeck <>

Just thought also - that perhaps , if possible, we should include the words
" ,many of which were assembled up to 20 years ago, " after
existing records on line 54 of page Y-28 , ie in the Box 6.4 text. The reason is that we
state in the key uncertainties , the need to update records but not sure we stress this
point in the text. Incidentaly, this is why we need to refer to instrumental and proxy
records in the suggested sentence to be added.
Hi Peck and Eystein
In response to Points 4-6
4. Add the following after past 1300 years. on line 13 page Y-33
"Considering the recent instrumental and longer proxy evidence together, it is very likely
that average Northern Hemisphere temperatures during the second half of the 20th century
were warmer than any other 50-year period in the last 500 years. "
Do not put anything in Box 6.4 which is written frolm the reverse perspective - evidence of
medieval period not good enough to say warmer than now. Also confuses statements about 500
years and longer (1000 year ) Medieval ,time.
5. The person who says this has not read the text - see lines 28-33 on Y-32 where I think
this is well covered.
6. If you read the text on lines 1-10 of PAGE Y-38 I think this meaning is clearly
conveyed. It is not in the same words -but easily supports the ES statement.
HOWEVER, I do not like the last part of the statement (and not sure where this came from)
because it is ambiguous and anyway implied by prior statement. I strongly urge you to
remove the section
"and it is very unlikely that this warming was merely a recovery from the pre-20th century
cold period."
These would sort things out I believe
At 19:26 05/10/2006, you wrote:

Hi Keith and Tim - we just got the attached consistency feedback doc from the TSU, and
I've added my thoughts in red. We need your feedback on items 4-6 REALLY FAST. Tim, if
Keith's not around to help, please do the job - the TSU has zero time to give us.
I think the solutions to #5 and 6 are easy as I suggested (although I don't have
confirmation from Susan or Martin that we can just do as I suggest, but it seems logical
to me - if you can suggest an even better solution, pls do.
I'll send the official chap 6 final draft text next - at least as it stands today.
thanks for dealing with this, perhaps before you go to sleep this evening.
Best, Peck
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