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date: Tue, 30 Jun 2009 14:23:57 -0400 (EDT)
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Thanks for the "heads-up" on this one. I just printed Keenan's
note from "Theor. Appl. Climatol" (who publishes this, Exxon?) and
it doesn't appear to be much of a paper. (Mind you, I wasn't all that
impressed with Chiune's analysis plus a similar one on the Kyoto
cherry blossom series: they are both a bit too simple given the
apparent statistics of the process. As a guess, about half-right.)
But I'll be cautious about how I say things - there seem to be
a lot of people out there, such as the gang Mike Mann was harassed
by, who, I suspect are being funded by the oil and coal companies
to attempt to cast doubt on otherwise reasonable papers. One advantage
of being a "Chartered Statistician" is, so far, they haven't given
me too much flak...


On Tue, 30 Jun 2009, Phil Jones wrote:

> David,
> Thanks! I couldn't make the AGU in Toronto, as I was already booked up
> for a meeting in Finland the same week.
> I'd be interested in seeing the Pinot Noir paper when you have something.
> You're probably aware of some controversy about another grape harvest paper
> by Chiune et al that was in Nature.
> I'd be very wary about having any involvement with Douglas Keenan. I'm
> involved in an issue with him related to Wei-Chyung Wang who works at SUNY
> at Albany.
> Pascal Yiou has tried to discuss things with him, but given up.
> Cheers
> Phil
> At 21:05 29/06/2009, you wrote:
>> Phil,
>> Hoped to see you at Spring AGU but apparently you didn't
>> come this year. In any event, I see that you have been made a
>> fellow, so congratulations. It's always nice to see people get
>> recognized for something where they have made a real contribution.
>> (I expect that this is true in most cases, but I don' know
>> enough about things like geodesy or plate tectonics to appreciate
>> what is involved, but I've used your data and consider the
>> honour well deserved.)
>> Life here is much as normal, too much to do, too little
>> time, etc. Actually, I can't complain too badly, I won a Killam
>> research fellowship that buys me out of committees and teaching
>> for two years starting in Sept. It's to work on space physics
>> (mostly Ulysses and ACE data) and solar modes. When we first said
>> that we were seeing solar modes in space (in 1995) people thought
>> it was impossible, but have a paper in press at AGU by S Ghosh,
>> me, etc. showing that, when does the calculations in 3 space dimensions
>> instead of 1, the modes propage just fine; so slow progress.
>> I'm also doing some work on climate; have a paper on the French
>> Pinot Noir harvest date series in the works with a student.
>> We gave a preliminary talk at AGU and also have another talk
>> accepted for the RSS in September. It has a lot of interesting
>> nonstationarity.
>> Again, congratulations and well deserved. (An interesting question
>> just prompted by reading a biography of Jeans - should the congratulations
>> go to you, or to the committee for making a good choice?)
>> Sincerely
>> David Thomson
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