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date: Wed, 6 Mar 1996 11:51:10 +0600
from: (Ed Cook)
subject: Re:
to: "K.BRIFFA " <>

Hi Keith,
I'll order the Kaleidagraph for Windows program for you. We can
worry about money some time down the road over Adnams. Have you been in
contact with Dave Fisher lately? He sent me a "super stack" record based on
9 Greenland records. I haven't had time yet to play with it, but it looks
very interesting. I just finished reviewing a paper of Jim White's going to
JGR-Oceans on another stack series analysis. It looks good as well. If and
when we get all the individual series (the GRIP series aren't quite
forthcoming yet), we should do a detailed dendro-style study of the isotope
I'll get back to you soon about an Autumn trip to CRU. I don't
think that there should be any problems.
Cheers, Ed

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