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date: Mon, 11 Dec 2000 19:04:58 -0000
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subject: Re: Tyndall and FST
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I have spoken to DETR (Alan Apling) and DTI (Alistair Keddie) who are both
keen on a meeting taking place. However, the DETR want to consult with the
climate change group before committing. They are occupied with post-Hague
discussions. I will get back as soon as I can but I do want the meeting to
go ahead if at all possible.

Thank you for the offer of sponsorship for which I am very grateful. I
think DETR and DTI will also agree to sponsor.

Best wishes

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Subject: Tyndall and FST


It was good to meet you again last week.

I would like to confirm the interest of the Tyndall Centre is co-sponsoring
an FST Discussion Evening on climate change. 31 Jan. 2001 I think was the
date you mentioned. A sponsorship fee of order �2000 was what you
mentioned and this should be fine for us.

We would like to use such an occasion to raise the profile of the Tyndall
Centre, to help
with the invitation list, and with the agenda and possible speakers (the
two that came to my mind were Steve Schneider from the States and Tim
O'Riordan from UEA).

The theme I feel needs to take the immediate concern about climate change,
but build in a much longer-term perspective on what climate change means
for society and how we respond. Something like 'Kyoto and Beyond - linking
short-term decision-making to long-term climate potection'.

It may be that I see you again on Thursday at the TSUNAMI meeting -
otherwise please feed-back via Trevor.



At 21:36 06/11/00 +0000, you wrote:

>It is with much regret that I will have to cancel my visit to Norwich on
>Thursday. I wish you every success with the launch of the Tyndall Centre
>and hope to visit soon.
>I would particularly like to bring a group of parliamentarians and others
>from the Foundation to visit some time next year when the Centre is well
>established. Would May be a good time?
>Dougal Goodman
>Director, Foundation for Science and Technology
>Tel. 020 7222 1222

Dr Mike Hulme
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The Tyndall Centre is a new research initiative funded by three UK
Research Councils - NERC, ESRC, EPSRC - with support from the DTI.

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