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date: Tue, 3 Sep 2002 12:10:51 +0100
subject: BBC1 Weds 7pm Land Worth Loving

Dear Simon and Mike

I thought you might be interested in a BBC1 primetime programme I've been
involved with as consultant that tries to get sustainability issues (inc.
climate change) across to mainstream viewers.

A Land Worth Loving, (Transmission: Weds. Sept 4th 7.00pm) despite sounding
like a Welsh daytime TV soap, is a very rare example of an attempt by a
major broadcaster to reach a primetime audience with an understanding of the
part ordinary people play in causing, and responding to, environmental
issues. At the same time it offers up plenty of ideas as to how individuals
and communities can do something about them.

The BBC team behind the programme have done a fantastic job of making this
difficult material into entertaining TV. A mix of observational documentary
of three families trying to lead a greener life, of 'challenges' taken on by
people in a street in Bristol, and funny deft short films that communicate
some background information is all tied together by presenter, DIY TV star
of the moment, Nick Knowles.

Although the BBC1 Controller will not commit to a further programme until
they see the ratings and other feedback, the idea is for the programme to
be annual or biannual; building up a time series of documentary material
over time (in the manner of 7UP, 14UP etc), and giving in-depth attention to
different issues each time. Hence while this programme deals with household
energy use and waste, a second might deal with transport and water.

If you get to look at the programme or website I'd like to hear what you
think. The Open University invested in the programme (the OU's first outing
on BBC1 in 30 years) and the BBC/OU web team have put together a good
website in support of the programme at with
plenty of further info, links and a couple of fun interactives. There's a
poster available to download or request too.

If you think the programme works don't hesitate to let the BBC1 Controller,
Lorraine Heggessy know too....

Best wishes


Dr. Joe Smith
Lecturer in Environmental Policy and Politics
Faculty of Social Sciences
The Open University, Walton Hall
Milton Keynes, MK7 6AA
OU office: 01908 659232

Home office:
20 Bateman Street
Cambridge, CB2 1NB
01223 740135

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