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date: Sun Aug 3 11:15:11 2008
from: Phil Jones <>
subject: Re: Visit?
to: "Palutikof, Jean" <>

Just back from 7 days in Sardinia - where it was hot and sunny.
I'll check out others on Monday, but I can't make Aug 15/16. We're
going to a wedding on the 15th and won't be back till the evening on
the 16th. I could do Aug 17 and 18. I'm hear all the week of the 18th.
Sue is retiring and we're trying to arrange a do for her as well.
Will you be around on the 4th or 5th (am). Family arrive on the 5th (pm)
and I'll then be at home till about 11th. I'll see what people will be here.
I see another FOI request from Holland - seems to be using the EIR this time.
I was in Reading on the 25th re UKCIP08 and alerted them up to all this.
Tried to see Brian but he wasn't around. At least the FOI people at MOHC, UEA
and Reading have got together and if CA are to be believed there are two other UK
Universities getting these requests. CA claim they have Keith cornered - with
a request for the data in a paper in the Proc Roy Soc.
Julia will be good as a Chief Scientist. Only met a few times, but she's
or so it seems to me.
Some other news is that Andrew Watkinson is become the First Director of LWEC.
Not sure what this means for Tyndall or ENV. Last time I saw Andrew he was asking
if he should go to the Sept meeting of IPCC.
I assume you have a date for going to Australia?
At 09:13 01/08/2008, you wrote:

Hi Phil
We'll be close (well relatively) to Norwich the weekend of 16/17 August.
Any chance we could meet with a few CRU people to go for a meal. I know
Sue is interested also, since she plans to leave UEA shortly.
I realize it's a bad time being August, but it's all we've got. It could
be either the previous week, Friday 15th, or the next week Monday 18th.
We could possibly squeeze something in later that week beginning the
18th if that was the only opportunity. It would be good to meet, but
will understand if the people density is too low.
The FOI stuff drags on at this end, as I'm told it does with you also. I
understand Brian Hoskins has said he doesn't want to be put forward for
WGI Co-Chair, in part because of the hassle factor.
What do you think to our new Chief Scientist?
All the best
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