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cc: c.flack@uea
date: Thu, 21 Feb 2002 19:47:11 +0000
from: Trevor Davies <>
subject: John Schellnhuber CONFIDENTIAL


I believe that we might be moving towards arranging a meeting between 5-6
on 28 Feb at a Heathrow Hotel.

The following information has filtered through from a source very close to
the centre of action.

John Schellnhuber had been trying to get Max Planck Institute "status" for
PIK. This had failed but he has, more recently, been trying to get some
sort of affiliate status and Max Planck funding by developing a linked
network with the 3 existing Max Planck Insitutes in related fields - Mainz,
Hamburg and Jena. A formal proposal had gone to the Max Planck Society.
This has "not been funded", not because it has yet been rejected, but
because the "decision has been delayed" by 2-3 months. Some very
influential figures in the German climate science community have been doing
a lot of lobbying in recent days to get the proposal funded to keep JS in
Germany. It seems that they are still active - as of today.

JS's decision to come here might have been made because the proposal had
not been funded by the decision date. His "boundary conditions" might also
reflect the fact that he has the 2/3-month-hence decision at the back of
his mind. There are a number of interpretations to all this. We should
recognise that whilst we all believe that JS is an honourable man, others
have described him as "very political". The advice from my source is that
we should get JS to sign on the dotted line as soon as possible and be wary
of allowing him too much time before he formally starts as TYN Research

Mike, I know, is concerned about the impact on the TYN budget of JS
starting very soon (because of the alternative arrangements we have had to
make to cope with his absence) & would be reasonably comfortable with an
October start, & no ramping up beforehand. John L & I would prefer as early
a start as possible (notwithstanding budget considerations). Given the
above, my assessment would be that we need the formal commitment (& start)
asap, & then to rely on our own assessments that JS is an honourable man.

I'm away tomorrow (Friday), but will try to make telephone contact at the
beginning of next week.


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Dean, School of Environmental Sciences
University of East Anglia
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