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date: Mon Dec 20 09:50:34 2004
from: Keith Briffa <>
subject: Re: IPCC

This is my fault
I realise I did not say specifically what I wanted - in fact I would like a detailed
section on forcings (and a detailed Figure) and in the regional discussions , sections on
the Arctic, Northern Extra tropics , Tropics, southern extra tropics and Antartic. Can you
provide a few sentences for any and data to draw plots?
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Dear Keith,
I thought I was not expected to contribute so much for the last millenia.
For Antarctica :
I suggest to refer to the paper by Goosse et al GRL 2004 attached (2003GL...pdf) and the
paper by Bradley Science 2003 about latitudinal patterns associated to the warmth during
the medieval period and the apparent phase lag between Antarctica and the northern
For Greenland :
Hoffmann et al JGR 2001 use deuterium excess in central Greenland to suggest a
significant cooling of the north Atlantic during the Little Ice Age.
For Europe :
Using tree ring cellulose isotopes a reconstruction of drought frequencies in Brittany
has been achieved (published online, Climate Dynamics, pre print attached) for the last
400 years. It suggests that droughts are large as 1976 were twice more frequent during
the warm decades than the cold decades (mean temperature difference of the two groups of
0.8 deg C).
I suggest also to include references to works that place summer 2003 heat wave in Europe
in a broader perspective including Luterbacher et al 2004 and Chuine et al 2004 (from
grape harvest dates and phenology model).
I hope that it does help... Got almost no contribution for the Holocene section either.
Hope you may have suggestions.
Best wishes and see you next year

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