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date: Fri Mar 11 15:23:47 2005
from: Phil Jones <>
subject: Re: AOPC-XI: 2nd Mailing
to: "Hans Teunissen" <>

Fine re the Mon Repos.
Been emailing Dick re AGG. He asked for the big issues we should cope with re the
GSN and GUAN. I said Africa. Now he's complaining that this is 80 countries. We have
to start somewhere though, which is what I've told him. We also have to get Brazil
to do more. They have apparently told Dick to leave them alone. Maybe Carolina Vera
can be some help here?
There is a workshop on making CLIMATs in Cairo relatively soon - Karpov is
organising it. Dick should go to this if poss. Also we should send this group
our recommendation re how to calculate CLIMATs, just to be sure they are not
recommending countries do something new or different from what they always
did. Geting a better absolute mean is one thing, but it will likely screw up
the homogeneity of the long series.
At 13:46 11/03/2005, Hans Teunissen wrote:

Thanks for the feedback/update, Phil. Re Item 6.7, that's the issue of whether to
determine mean monthlies from max-plus-min-over-2 or from averages of hourly values. It
was driven by the query from Malta, you may recall, and a certain Phil Jones volunteered
Jones and Peterson to talk about it at AOPC (I've just forwarded you some background
info I have). Idea is to get CCl onside, I think. I have some other bumff on this, but
not in an easily-sendable form. I'll have it at the meeting of course. Maybe we should
also try to get some CCl-types there for that (besides Tom, of course!) - I'll check
with WCP here.

Glad you'll be at the dinner - a bit of a tradition now, I guess. We had considered
moving it elsewhere, just for a change, but that would complicate the transportation
(unless we book at La Perle du Lac, for example, but that would probably blow the week's
per diem!). People are scattered at various hotels, including the Mon Repos. Going for
dinner after the session here means it''s easy to at least get to dinner, and the trip
to hotel would have to be done anyway.

A bientot,


>>> Phil Jones <> 11.03.05 14:20:24 >>>
I'm in contact with Dick about AGG matters. We're trying to come up with
priorities for the next year. Thanks for giving the AGG sufficient time in the current
As for the rest of the agenda, I can talk a little about paleo (say 20 mins). Also
some things on the Reanalysis in area 10. Glad you've got David Parker talking
about the Surface Pressure WG. I can chip in there if needed. Also I may be able
to say something more on the vertical temperature trends as I'm on the NRC review
of this CCSP report.
Consolidation of the GSN will come from the AGG report back. Not sure what you
mean by mean monthly statistics in 6.7. Hopefully Tom P does.
OK for the dinner at the Mon Repos. I don't think we're staying there - see Natasha
as to where we are, but still OK. I just thought you might want to consider somewhere
else nearer to our hotels. If I recall correctly I'm at the Edelweiss in town.
I'm in Bologna the week before, so can't pick up any files after April 5.
At 14:17 09/03/2005, you wrote:

Dear All:

Attached please find an update of the Provisional Agenda for the AOPC-XI session next
month in Geneva. This is based on the Agenda Outline distributed in January, taking into
account suggested modifcations and giving more detail re the anticipated timing of the
meeting. We have also assigned document numbers where we think appropriate, and would
ask that participants review this assignment carefully for any needed modifcations,
additions or deletions (silence means you will provide the document indicated for your
item!). Documents will be posted on the AOPC-XI Web site
([1] which we'll activate next week. I have also
attached another copy of the Action Items status list to remind everyone of ongoing
and/or expected activities. Please send any corrections to the agenda back to me (and
Mike) as soon as possible, and we can make appropriate adjustments in the next version.

As usual, we have planned an informal group dinner (self-funded) at the Mon Repos for
the Tuesday evening (see Agenda). You might wish to let us know if you'll be available
to attend that dinner; we'll finalize just before then, as usual.

We look forward to seeing everyone next month in Geneva for a productive and enjoyable

Best regards,

Hans Teunissen.

Dr. Hans W. Teunissen Tel: +41.22.730.8086
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c/o World Meteorological Organization E-mail: [2]
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Prof. Phil Jones
Climatic Research Unit Telephone +44 (0) 1603 592090
School of Environmental Sciences Fax +44 (0) 1603 507784
University of East Anglia
Norwich Email

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