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date: Wed Mar 17 12:59:25 1999
from: Keith Briffa <>
subject: Re: news
to: H�kan Grudd <>

That , Hakan, is simply brilliant news - and I know the potential importance of the work over the next decade is truly world class. I spoke to Professor Crawford at the weekend - we were both lecturing to the Linnean Society in Picadilly , London. (Very posh and ancient!) He seemed like a really nice guy and I liked his attitude to interpreting treelines. You probably know by now that we can not apply to the EC until Oct-Dec , probably for a start in spring 2000! Things go from bad to worse regarding funding. I phoned Callaghan but he was not available so I will phone again tomorrow morning. I am desperately working on this PAGES paper at present and I MUST leave for this Italian skiing holiday on the 27th or I will be divorced. I go to Finland in early April and I will see Matti. That will be difficult because I don't forgive and forget easily. Have you talked to Pentti privately? I go to Japan in May for an IGBP meeting and Russia in end of May/June. There I will discuss future work with the Russians and the treeline stuff and continued work on the long chronologies and biomass estimation. We have an INTAS project for the next 2 years. I have to fit in a short trip to southern Norway to sample the greenhouse trees (Ex CLIMEX project - hopefully with Fritz and David Beerling - who works with Woodward at Sheffield and must know Callaghan well. ) Anyway , keep up the good work and remember your modern tree stuff and PhD !! How is the southern Swedish paper going? I wish you well

At 10:43 AM 3/17/99 +0100, you wrote:
>Hi Keith!
>I have got money to start build a commercial dendro-lab in Kiruna. First, I
>will have to present a business plan, then, if they like the plan, I will
>get help from Kiruna Kommun and the government to raise funds for a lab.
>One condition will be that the lab is big enough to employ one or two (or
>more) people full time. The administrators of the Kiruna-project (MRI) love
>the idea. At the moment I have the feeling that "the sky is the limit" for
>this lab.
>One very obvious target for such a lab would be to do contract work for
>projects like ADVANCE-10K. To be honest, this is the motivation for me
>getting involved in such a business. If we look four or five years ahead, I
>believe we could have three long Swedish chronologies: A strong Northern
>series (based on Tornetr�sk), a J�mtland chronology (well on the way
>already), and a new Southern chronology from Dalarna.
>I will probably talk to Callaghan this week. I think he wants to involve me
>in a Russian tree-line project. I know very little about it at the moment.
>Did you talk to Callaghan? He is in Abisko now +46 980 40071.
>The application from Svante Bj�rk to the Nordic Council, where Eronen and I
>was part, was rejected!
> H�kan (in Kiruna)
>H�kan Grudd
>Climate Impacts Research Centre CIRC
>Bj�rkplan 6A, 981 42 Kiruna.
>Phone: +46(0)980 82689, +46(0)10 6679086, Fax: +46(0)980 82628
>Dept. of Physical Geography
>Stockholm University, S-106 91 Stockholm.
>Phone: +46(0)8 164821, +46(0)10 6679086, Fax: +46(0)8 164818

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