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date: Tue, 29 Sep 1998 14:44:35 -0400
from: Adam Markham <Adam.MarkhamatXYZxyzUS.ORG>
subject: An urgent request for 3 minutes of your thinking on
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A really quick (and urgent) note to ask you to devote a few minutes of
thought about what are some of the best examples of climate trends or
impacts linked to climate change.

What I'm really looking for is your top ten, or three, or one idea(s) as to
what could be highlighted from your region (or elsewhere) on a world
map. Is enhanced sea-level rise happening; are fires increasing; animal
and plant distributions changing.

WWF-US is teaming up with 5 other NGOs (Sierra Club, EDF, NRDC, UCS
and World Resources Institute) to produce a poster showing convincing
evidence of change related to global warming. We have a wealth of
information from North America and pretty good stuff on glaciers and
sea-level rise, but we need to get more on biodiversity impacts,
infectious diseases, drought, changes in seasons or other, less obvious
changes. The criteria for inclusion are that the effects could be strongly
related to observed climatic changes as outlined by the IPCC, and that
they can be substantiated. So the long-term rainfall deficit in parts of
southern Africa and associated events or changes would qualify, as
would accelerated glacier melt in Canada, tree-line change in the Alps,
sea-level rise on the U.S. east coast or birds nesting earlier in the UK. A
big hurricane hitting Florida is not an example.

I've attached a more detailed list of criteria and some of the examples
already under consideration.
If you could suggest some good local examples that we in the US have
probably not heard about, I would be VERY VERY grateful. If you could
do it before Monday October 5th, I will be forever in your debt. Best
wishes, Adam

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