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date: Mon, 28 Oct 2002 09:41:01 -0000
from: "Paul Hunter" <>
subject: RE: health, environment funds
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I would also be very interested in working with anyone on the human health impact of
flooding. I have chaired an interdepartmental group involved in developing guidance on
reducing the impact on health of flooding in the UK and can provide particular expertise in
the development of health surveillance systems and the analysis of data from surveillance.


Paul R Hunter
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Subject: RE: health, environment funds

Dear Roger,

please contact Kris Ebi ([1], she might give you more indications with
regard to NIH calls. I am interesting into flooding in Russia and/NIS countries

Good luck


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Subject: health, environment funds

Dear All

It was good to meet many of you at the climate-health workshop last week. Can you
please amend my email address in the list Tim circulated to the new one: [2]

Two further points:

a) There's another big funding source that may be of interest to the Coop - the US National
Institute of Health (NIH). One of their recent Calls I note is on Health, Environment
and Economic Development, focussing on research in developing countries. It expects
inter-disciplinary projects (team should have at least 1 social scientist, 1 health/biomed
scientist and 1 environmental scientist) and international collaboration with dev. country
partners. Does anyone have any insights/comments re. this source? [deadline for letter of
intent is 30/11 & for application is 30/12].


b) Does anyone have a potentially active interest in the research topic I've suggested on
micro-scale adaptations/coping responses to the health impacts of flooding in low-income
populations? Or concrete suggestions on how to widen/strengthen the topic?



Dr Roger Few
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University of East Anglia
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