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date: Tue Sep 14 14:37:30 2004
from: Phil Jones <>
subject: Re: quick urgent check idag - just 2 sentences
to: Gabi Hegerl <>, Tom Crowley <>

The sentence beginning 'Recently ... ' is fine. I wouldn't add anything else, as
with Huang et al (2000) are discussed in the 2003/4 papers we do reference.
At 22:20 13/09/2004, Gabi Hegerl wrote:

Peter Stott asked if we should refer to Huang 2004.
I now added the reference
Recently studies (see Mann et al. 2003, Pollack and Smerdon 2004, and
Rutherford and Mann 2004; Huang 2004) suggest that if the borehole records
are recalibrated with instrumental data over the 20th century, they can be
shown to support the conventional proxy view of the millennium.
is that correct?
Also, should we refer to it somewhere in that sentence
An additional part of the discrepancy is due to the method used for signal processing by
Huang et al. (2000).
Thanks so much in advnace
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