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cc: Ben Santer <>, Phil Jones <>
date: Sun, 17 May 2009 21:25:12 -0600
from: Tom Wigley <>
subject: request
to: Marty Hoffert <>

Hi Marty,

Ben has asked me to get in touch with you because he has been
tied up for the past few days and will be until perhaps the
middle of next week.

It is late notice for this, but would you be able to give a
talk at my symposium on June 19? This would be for 30 minutes,
probably 25 talking and 5 Q&A (Ben can confirm this later).
We'd like you to talk on "Climate stabilization: can we meet
the technological challenge?" -- or something similar.

Although I have not discussed this with Ben and Phil, this would
slot in beautifully as the penultimate talk, immediately before
Ken C. on geoengineering and after Jae E. on integrated assessment.

[Ben and Phil: I have modified the agenda accordingly -- and am
attaching it to this email. You may want to further revise it.]

Have you read Tom Blees's book yet. I must say, it is very
impressive -- so much so that I have changed my mind on the
technology issue. It does seem that IFRs could "save the planet".
Not only this, but they could eliminate the nuclear waste
problem (no need for Yucca Mountain). If we can get onto this
quickly enough, IFRs could also eliminate the need for all
but the most minor carbon tax (or its cap and trade equivalent).
There is some very disturbing stuff in the Blees book, not least
the possibility that, through the lies and misdirections of
Clinton, Gore and Kerry, we may have lost the opportunity to
solve the problem cheaply. History nay well judge these guys
as much worse than Bush Jr.

Best wishes,


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