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date: Fri Jun 30 16:24:22 2000
from: Keith Briffa <>
subject: Re: Advance 10K <fwd> Re-Final payment

Janet ,
the Gottingen underspend was intended to come to us to cover extra work done here . The
Stockholm money, we expected to keep to cover the cost of a publication . I did not know
anything about the Finland budget and I do not want to give them anything. However, I am
worried that if the money does come here it will just disappear to cover our overspend. Can
you hold off for a week on Gottingen ,The Finns , and Stockholm and when I get back from
Switzerland , a week Monday , I could come and discuss this with you. The Swedes definitely
intended some of the money to go to the special issue of a journal that we are still
committed to producing.
Also , I have been contacted by Eugene Vaganov (Krasnoyarsk) . He is sending new forms and
I think we should just do as the two Russians request. Have we heard from Brussels? The
Russians are in real need of the money and we should try to accommodate them. They are sure
other INTAS grants are paid as they are suggesting. Can you PLEASE try to push this along.
At 04:10 PM 6/30/00 +0100, you wrote:

Dear Keith,
I am in the process of distibuting the final monies on above EC Project, but need to
know if
there were any agreements about how much of the Budgets were to be transferred due to
underspent Budgets by Stockhom and Gottingen.
The Final result is that Stockholm underspent by 9.7k uro and Gottingen 16.7k uro,
totalling 26.4k uro, whilst UEA have overspent 23.6k uro. However we are also aware
Finnish Forest, an Associate contractor to University Helsinki, Finland have vastly
overspent by some 103k uro, Alison did a revaluation in October last year before the
were submitted to the EC.
The normal practice is to utilise any underspend proportionately to an overspent
so in this case most of the overspent monies would go to the Finnish Forest. As we
received a reply at the time to Alison's email asking about any Budget transfers (email
attached), can you let me know how you want the monies distributed therefore.
Finance Research
Registry Building
University of East Anglia
NORWICH, Norfolk NR4 7TJ
Tel: 0044-1603-593216
Fax: 0044-1603-593860
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Subject: Advance 10K <fwd>
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Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1999 09:02:39 +0100 (GMT Daylight Time)
From: Alison Wardle <>
Subject: Advance 10K <fwd>
To: J.Sear@uea
This is the last e-mail I sent to Keith Briffa. Following
this he asked Sue to go ahead with the 1000 payment to the
The Forest Research Institute have confirmed that they have
no further costs, so it is just Helsinki who haven't
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Date: Mon, 18 Oct 1999 16:22:51 +0100 (GMT Daylight Time)
From: Alison Wardle <>
Subject: Advance 10K
To: K.Briffa@uea
Dear Keith
After taking pending salary recharges into account for
Kelly & Harris, UEA expenditure stands at 271162 Euros
against a budget of 249000.
This does not include the 1000pounds to the Russian
subcontractor. Sue Boland has held back payment due to the
grant being overspent.
I attach a revised version of my spreadsheet. You will see
that UEA has overspent by 22kEuro and Gottingen and
Stockholm have underspent by 28kEuro. Was there any
agreement about how much of the budgets were to be
I have still heard nothing from Helsinki or the Forestry
Research Institute. Once you are happy with the UEA claim
I will have to forward the cost statements we have
received. The stragglers can then be sent separately.
Alison Wardle
Finance Division
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Alison Wardle
Finance Division
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Alison Wardle
Finance Division

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