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date: Fri, 25 Oct 1996 09:07:40 -0800
from: tbarnettatXYZxyzD.EDU (Tim Barnett)
subject: stuff

Hi..Thanks for the reference.
I have the core record from the Indian Ocean and will be forwarding
it on to you. Should get the other two records soon, but the guys are out
of town for a field trip so.....
Tom Crowley said they are still fooling with their long coral
record from the Pacific but we could have it when they have it debugged. I
gather this might be early next year.
Yes, we did get the combined data set. Many thanks! Only done a
few things with it so far but no problems.
Let me know when you get the first coral record. We need to treat
it as privledged, so pls do not pass it out to others unless we first have
approval from Dave Hunter/Chris Charles.
best, tim

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