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date: Mon, 08 Jan 2007 12:55:20 +0000
from: Phil Jones <>
subject: Figure 7.1c from the 1990 IPCC Report - ONE OTHER THING

Dear All,
I know that Wegman digitized the IPCC 1990 figure in the
US Senate enquiry from 2006. I also need
to chase up the paper where Richard Tol used it. Have any
of you seen other examples?


> Dear All,
Thanks for all your thoughts on this from the weekend. I have
a lot to go through. I also have to check a lot of references and to get
a lot of details and history correct.
At the moment, I think this is an item that shouldn't be on RC
until I have all these details. Apart from the IPCC implications I
alluded to on Friday - I agree these aren't a serious problem if
worded properly - but there are some others which have also
surfaced, that I need to check out.
I'm away part of this week, have a mountain of other things to do,
so I will likely not get this completed until mid-February.

So can we all keep quiet till I have it all nailed down.


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