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cc: <>, Eystein Jansen <>
date: Fri, 03 Mar 2006 17:44:06 +0000
from: Tim Osborn <>
subject: Re: URGENT - need those final figs
to: Jonathan Overpeck <>,Keith Briffa <>

Dear Peck, Eystain, Oyvind and Keith,

Here are the final figures.

I've made the changes direct to the latest figures/tables document
that I have (from Tuesday I think). In case these need to be cut and
pasted into a later version, here is a list of everything I have changed:

(1) New figure and updated caption for proxy location maps fig. 6.11.

I've now finished these with proxies from all studies shown on the
reconstruction graph and table. I can change symbols, colours, sizes
if you want.

(2) New figure for reconstructions fig. 6.10.

I spotted a mistake in the legend and have put a corrected figure
into the file. The caption has not changed.

(3) New figure and updated caption for forcings/models fig. 6.13.

I've removed the spiky volcanic series and also removed the sentence
describing the spiky series from the caption. Note that I also
corrected a mistake in the legend, so if ever you decide to go back
to the spiky version you will need to get a new one from me rather
than reverting back to the old one.

(4) New figure for MWP box, fig. 1.

I've labelled each panel (a) and (b).

(5) Table 6.1 minor corrections.

I've added the top line of the table "Instrumental temperatures"
which had somehow got lost during cutting/pasting. I also corrected
the table borders (just a line at the top and the bottom, and no
other lines required).

(6) Table 6.3 very minor corrections.

I corrected the table borders (just a line at the top and the bottom,
and no other lines required).

Best regards


At 18:43 02/03/2006, Jonathan Overpeck wrote:
>Hi Tim and Keith - Keith indicated yesterday that you'd be sending
>updated figs. Especially the 3 map fig (Fig 6.11 in revised text)
>and the one with the raw volc spikes that Keith just hates (Fig. 6.13 .
>We need these really soon (!), WITH updated captions.
>thx, peck
>Jonathan T. Overpeck
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