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date: Tue Nov 6 18:06:41 2001
from: Mike Hulme <>
subject: Re: visit 12th Nov.?
to: "Tom Delay" <>

Thanks Tom - yes, I'll come to Romney House for 3.30pm or so. We can at least catch up
with where TC and CT have reached and maybe sketch out a couple of ideas for the future. I
should be away by 4.30 since I have a 5pm meeting elsewhere.
At 12:21 06/11/01 +0000, you wrote:

I'm pretty tied up on Monday but could do a short hour at 3.30 - could I suggest that
you come here to Romney House in Marsham St. I'll ask David Vincent to join us.
>>> Mike Hulme <> 06/11/01 09:04:39 >>>
Tom, I wonder whether Monday 12th Nov. about 3.30pm or 4pm would be
suitable to meet up? A courtesy visit really for no more than an hour. It would be
useful to explore a little bit more with you the lie of the
land. Let me know if this is OK.
Where about are you - the DEFRA offices in Victoria Street?
I will send you a copy of our new consolidated research strategy beforehand.
At 18:35 30/10/01 +0000, you wrote:
>Thanks - the 12th and 14th latish afternoon are fine
>Please let me know
> >>> Mike Hulme <> 30/10/01 17:53:10 >>>
>Seems fine to me. The sequence would then look like this (see end of
>email) ...... allowing you to get away by 1410 and Paul to be away by
>1445. It would be certainly good to keep your involvement in the event.
>I'll prepare a briefing note about the sort of issues this session may
>cover and we can talk about it. In the meantime, I am writing to you this >week
alerting you to our 2nd funding round process in Tyndall Centre which
>starts now and continues over the winter. This is an invitation to comment
>from the Trust about our research strategy and to communicate where you
>feel Tyndall should be putting in effort.
>And in the longer run, I would also like to explore possible co-sponsored >events with
you where our two agendas come together in the form of outreach
>and engagement.
>I wonder whether we could meet up in London for an hour sometime to share >views about
this. The 12th, 14th and 22nd November (all pm) are possibles
>for me.
>Session 7: Challenges for the UK 13:30 - 15:15
>Co-ordinator: Mike Hulme
>A Reducing emissions (ie mitigation)
>Speaker: Tom Delay (Carbon Trust) 15 min
>Discussants: Chris Anastasi (British Energy) 5 min
>Andrew Warren (ACE) 5 min
>Discussion 10 min
>B Risk: managing the dangers (ie impacts/adaptation)
>Speaker: Chris Newton, (Environment Agency) 15 min
>Discussants: Paul Jefferiss (RSPB) 5 min
>Bob Maynard (DH) 5 min
>Discussion 10 min
>C Reaction: communicating climate change science
>Speaker: Roger Harrobin (BBC) 15 min
>Discussants: Kate Hampton (FoE) 5 min
>Phil Matthews (CCP) 5 min
>Discussion 10 min
>At 13:50 29/10/01 +0000, you wrote:
> >Mike,
> >
> >At some point I would like to discuss the content of the session that
> you >are chairing to ensure that I am on cue. In the meantime, there is a
> >practical issue - The Carbon Trust has a board meeting that day
> starting >at 2.30 that both Paul Jefferiss ("Discussant" for the second > section of
>the panel) and me are due to attend (there was an earlier
> mix-up as we
> >were told the session would be in the morning....). Would it be
> possible >to have any questions/discussion at the end of each section
> (A,B and C) >rather than at the end of the session? If Paul and I slipped > away after
>our respective sessions and we put back the board meeting to > 3pm, we would
> >be able to fit everything in (I would ask David Vincent to be there
> later >to respond to any further questions).
> >
> >Sorry to be so convoluted - we have a board of 17 so changes are a
> >nightmare....
> >Look forward to seeing you on the 13th if not before.
> >Regards
> >Tom

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