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date: Wed, 04 Jul 2001 17:28:00 +0200
from: Martin Welp <>
subject: ECF: Circular No. 2

Dear friends of ECF,

ECF is taking shape and we expect to make good progress at the preparatory
meeting next week (12 July). The steering committee had a telephone
conference on Monday, 2 July. Two important decision were made:

First, that ECF should be created as an association and not as a foundation
as was envisaged earlier. After consulting knowledgeable people in this
field (Dr. Gretz and Dr. Voscherau, notary public, former mayor of
Hamburg), we came to the conclusion that an association suits our purposes
better, gives us more flexibility, and is easier and faster to realise.

The second important decision was that ECF should be established as an
association already at the preparatory meeting in Brussels on 12 July.
Organisations can join the ECF later simply by signing the membership form
and paying the one-time membership fee. We will send you soon the statute
of the association, prepared by Dr. Gretz with the assistance of Dr.
Voscherau on the basis of the earlier statute of the foundation.

We expect to meet more than 25 friends of ECF at the preparatory meeting in
Brussels. Anvar Ghazi will attend the dinner and the meeting and Christian
Patermann will join later and give a welcoming address at the lunch break.
The updated programme is attached to this mail. Those who have not
registered themselves yet, but intend to come, please send a short note to
Ms. Sengbusch (Email:

The evening dinner will take place on 11 July at 18.00 in Hotel Leopold,
Rue du Luxembourg 35.
The venue of the workshop on 12 July is: EU Commission Research, DG 12
Square de Mee�s 8 (Meeting room 9E, 9th floor). Here is the description of
how to get from the airport to the Hotel Leopold and the Meeting Place:

At Zaventem airport, take the train to Brussels "Gare du Midi". At the
Gare du Midi, take the subway (metro) direction Simonis until the metro
station "Trone". When you leave the metro station "Trone" take the exit
"Rue du Luxembourg". Hotel Leopold is situated at Rue du Luxembourg. The
meeting place Square de Mee�s, 8 is located at the small park in the middle
of Rue du Luxembourg. A map can be found at:

The ECF flyer is ready now and copies of it will be available at the
meeting in Brussels. The ECF website has also been updated and has a new
design. Check: Documents related to
ECF can be found in the members area:

Best regards,
Martin Welp

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