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cc: "Jones Philip Prof \(ENV\)" <>
date: Wed, 12 Dec 2007 10:19:23 -0000
from: "Ogden Annie Ms \(MAC\)" <>
subject: RE: 2007 Global Temperatures PR
to: "Hammond, John \(Press Office\)" <>

Has release gone out yet, JOhn? Annie

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>Sent: Wednesday, December 12, 2007 9:39 AM
>To: Jennifer Hardwick; Ogden Annie Ms (MAC); Hammond, John
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>Cc: Beswick, Mark; Parker, David; Kennedy, John; Perry,
>Matthew; Beswick, Mark
>Subject: RE: 2007 Global Temperatures PR
> Jen,
> Thanks for the press release and the 2007 Annual
>Statement. I'm now all set for
> any press coverage later today.
> Just for background in case of any questions, here's the
>GISS press release
> below. GISS has 2007 higher in rank than we do, just like
>2005 - which
> they have top, instead of 1998. A quick look at their 2007
>spatial map
> indicates why - their extrapolation of the warm Arctic
>coastal data across
> the Arctic Ocean. Despite the differences in base periods,
>the maps (our Fig 3a
> and their 1b) are quite similar over most of the world.
>Their extrapolation also
> makes Antarctica much warmer than it probably was. They also
>infill our
> gaps over Siberia and Canada, which is more reasonable.
> Cheers
> Phil
> New listing: GISS 2007 Temperature Analysis through November:
>has been added in response to requests. Analysis for the full
>year will be available in mid January. 2007 is the second
>warmest year in the period of instrumental data in our
>analysis (if December is exceptionally cold it conceivably
>could slip to third), which is notable given the fact that we
>are at a solar minimum and a fairly strong La Nina has been in
>place for most of the year.
>At 15:55 11/12/2007, Jennifer Hardwick wrote:
>>Dear All,
>>Please find attached an updated version of our End of Year Statement
>>for 2007, from which our contribution to the WMO annual statement was
>>derived. The Appendix is sent as a separate document. This
>report will
>>be updated at the end of January with final figures for 2007. We hope
>>that it can be used as a basis for all our end of year reports,
>>Additional comments are very welcome,
>Prof. Phil Jones
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