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date: Thu, 16 Feb 2006 16:38:33 +0000
from: Tim Osborn <>
subject: Re: quick question
to: Keith Briffa <>,Gabi Hegerl <>

Hi Gabi,

Oerlemans data is attached. Note that this is his "global" estimate
(we really wanted NH only) and also note that I "digitised" the
errors from his figure, because WDC-Paleo only had his central
estimates, not his errors, in their archive.



At 17:46 13/02/2006, Keith Briffa wrote:
>we will now include the Oerlemann's curve among the the many in our
>reconstruction Figure . I would not consider it necessary for you to
>do the same. I am sending the numbers if you do wish to. Correction
>- can not find them - will have to ask Tim to send tomorrow (he has
>left) - note though that they refer only to Global coverage and
>have not been calculated separately for individual hemispheres . We
>are putting only brief text describing the curve and pointing out
>uncertainty due to attempts to allow for different response times
>(and no attempt to allow these to change with time) and ignoring
>uncertainty associated with assuming constant precipitation
>influence on volume changes. Will lift this largely from Chapter 4 first draft.
>was invited to talk to the Committee - but declined - now being
>attacked by the sceptics for my lack of independence - they say I
>should not be a CLA , reviewing my own work , on Chapter 6. I felt
>this would only aggravate the situation. best wishes
>At 15:50 13/02/2006, you wrote:
>>Hi Keith,
>>Do you guys still have Oerlemann's reconstruction spinning on your
>>disk within easy access?
>>Susan suggested to include it into the detection figure.
>>I also seem to recall there were some reservations about it, but I
>>dont remember what it was...
>>so would be happy to be illuminated (tell me to read chapter 6
>>rather than personal illumination
>>is ok though, I know you are struggling just as we are!).
>>Are you going to this DC thing in 3 weeks? (NCR panel meeting?)
>>Gabriele Hegerl Division of Earth and Ocean Sciences, Nicholas
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>Climatic Research Unit
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