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Subject: Climate Conference, Saturday June 3rd

Campaign against Climate Change

CLIMATE CONFERENCE, Saturday June 3^rd

at the London School of Economics, Houghton Street WC2 (Holborn or Temple tube)

9.45 am - 6.00 pm


Speakers include Caroline Lucas MEP, Norman Baker MP, Mark Lynas, George Marshall (COIN),
Aubrey Meyer (GCI), Jason Torrance (Transport 2000), Jeremy Leggett (Solar Century), Goksen
Sahin (Istanbul Climate Campaign), Prof Peter Wadhams (Ocean Physics, Cambridge), Dr Peter
Challoner (National Oceanography Centre), David Fleming (on `Domestic Tradable Quotas'),
Prof Fergus Nicol & Prof Sue Roaf (Environmental Architecture), John Stewart (Airport
Watch), Rebecca Lush (Roadblock)... and from Tearfund, Practical Action, RSPB, Sustrans,
FOE, Greenpeace, Camp for Climate Action, Rising Tide, Christian Ecology, IFEES (Islamic
Ecology), TREC, Slower Speeds, Communications Workers' Union.... and the ones Ive
forgotten to mention !!!

Workshops on How bad, how fast will the climate crisis get ?; Alternative Energy Sources
and Solutions; Climate Change and Development; Climate Change Biodiversity Loss &
Deforestation; CC & transport; CC, Faith & Spirituality; CC & Aviation; Is there a
Corporate Enemy & if so who ?; Carbon Trading; Low Emissions Housing; What can we do in our
own lives ?; Building a Global Campaign; CC & the Unions; Do we have to sacrifice living
standards to fight CC ?; The Big Ask; Contraction and Convergence.

Also a session on `Building for Britain's biggest ever climate demo on November 4^th' !!!

Check out the full program at [1] !!

Conference is free (donations appreciated !) and ticketless : just turn up !

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