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date: Tue, 9 Oct 2007 10:54:29 -0400
from: "Wahl, Eugene R" <>
subject: RE: Past Millennia Climate Variability - Review Paper - reminder
to: "Phil Jones" <>

Hi Phil:

I'll get to this as soon as I can. I'm somewhat overloaded right now, both from the work and personal sides, and these both will increase in the short run ahead (due to teaching obligations increasing for the second half of the term and other personal obligations that are not in my control). Is it OK to just forward the message -- being very sure to omit the parenthetical part about Caspar in line 5, and the entire last paragraph about him, Tim, and Keith? That would make it easiest for me.

I relate about slow partners, as Caspar put myself and another colleague in a real tight spot on a grant submission 2.5 weeks ago. That also was a nightmare. It is real food for thought. However, right now the key thing is to see how deep the difference between Francis' results and ours goes, and go from there.

Let me know what you think.

Peace, Gene

From: Phil Jones []
Sent: Tue 10/9/2007 7:33 AM
To: Francis Zwiers; Wahl, Eugene R
Subject: Re: Past Millennia Climate Variability - Review Paper - reminder

Francis, Gene,
Gene, I discussed the paper with Francis last week when we
were both together.
Francis has a paper based on the work he discussed in Wengen. It comes to
different conclusions from yours and Caspar's. It is likely that one of you
(probably Caspar - as they have been slow) is one of the reviewer's. Anyway
can you discuss the contribution Francis will make to the paper from
the Wengen meeting amongst yourselves. Francis' contribution was
to have been in section 5, while what you've sent Gene is in section 3.
I'm sure Francis would be happy to send you the paper, Gene,
if you don't yet have it.

Taking on putting this paper together has been a real nightmare.
I still can't seem to get any response from Keith, Tim and Caspar -
and I know two of them are in rooms less than 5m from me!


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