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date: Tue, 15 Aug 2006 13:03:04 +0100
from: Clare Goodess <>
subject: Re: Exhibit so far

Dear all

Laura is still refusing to listen to us. It certainly seems that she
is still not prepared to include the global temperature time series.

I don't think any of us have time to work on a leaflet now. And this
does not solve the future problem. The intention is for this
exhibition to be re-used in a variety of places and I doubt that she
can guarantee that the leaflet will always be available.

I tend to the view that we should not allow her to use the DVD for
the exhibition nor a photo of the CRU Building.

The tree ring material is somewhat different - so I think we have to
let her use that. Though final decision should be down to Keith/Tom/Tim.


At 10:59 15/08/2006, wrote:
>Dear Phil, Clare, Sarah, Keith, Mike and Tim,
>Thank you for being honest about the exhibition; it is best to have a full
>and frank discussion to avoid misunderstandings later! First, I would
>like to thank you for your input to the exhibition so far. The effort you
>have all made is absolutely vital to the integrity of the work, and the
>exhibition would not be possible without the help that you have given.
>The rigour of the science is the backbone of this, and I understand the
>need to present this in a clear and effective way.
>I agree that the purpose of the exhibition is to reach a diverse audience
>with a range of ages. The aim must be to create something which is as
>accessible to the general public as possible, to the old lady with the
>bunions whose new bifocals don't work, to the young dad with the screaming
>children, to the occasional tourists....
>Many people among the general public are not used to reading any kind of
>text and graphs and don't understand them, and others would understand
>them if they had time, but they want to be entertained and will be moving
>swiftly to the other things they have to do that day. This combination of
>lack of familiarity and lack of time and inclination is a potent brew;
>regardless of the age we are aiming at, we need to pitch it to the average
>(not the most intelligent) 12 year old, and one with a short attention
>span at that!
>A detailed text and many graphs and maps will simply not be read apart
>from by the very few who would probably know most of it anyway. Advice we
>have received from an experienced museum director and exhibitions creator
>is that - exhibition research shows that the word limit per panel should
>be 150-200 at most. In that length we have to make all the points we
>want, ie. the most important ones. But simple and clear does not equal
>"dumbed down". Any factual errors in the text must be corrected.
>Creating an exhibition text is a long process of writing, re-writing and
>polishing and I appreciate your help in this. A simple clear text will
>reach many more people at a lesser level of detail, but will hopefully
>inspire many to pursue the matters further under their own steam. Could
>we reconcile this lack of description with a set of leaflets, which went
>into more detail to keep next to the panels 6 so people can take them if
>they want? Perhaps we could include a link to the CRU website and the
>graphs and explanations not covered on the main panels.
>I hope the above explains why I have approached the material in the way
>that I have. I'm looking forward to working with you to create the best
>exhibition that we can and inspire many people in Norwich and further
>afield to find out more about climate and climate change. I also feel that
>some of your areas of concern will be addressed by other panels.
>I attach another draft for panel 6. If you are happy with my suggestions
>then please let me know and correct any factual errors in this panel. I
>look forward to hearing your suggestions.
>Best regards, Laura
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> >
> >I agree. People attending the BA festival should really *learn*
> >something new about science. It isn't appropriate to cut down and
> >simplify things to such an extent that there is no new learning by
> >the visitors/audience. The purpose is not, in my opinion, to simply
> >tell people that climate is changing and something should be done...
> >if that were the case then it could simply be part of some
> >Defra/Tyndall Centre public engagement exercise. This is still part
> >of it, of course, but far better if they come away actually
> >appreciating something more about the science of climate change and
> >*why* we know that climate is changing or *what* scientists are
> >doing to try to learn more. If that means including some things
> >that some visitors will skip over, then so be it!
> >
> >Tim
> >
> >At 16:06 14/08/2006, Sarah Keeley wrote:
> >>Clare,
> >>It seems a shame to not showcase CRU's work - but she also seems to
> >>be cutting out so much text we cannot even adequately explain what
> >>is going on on the DVD let alone anything else.
> >>
> >>Can we suggest to her that one panel breaks with conformity and has
> >>more text on? I have double checked the agenda and we are supposed
> >>to be catering for the age group 25 plus as well children- so this
> >>should be ok if they will let us do it. I am concerned that the
> >>exhibition is going to make the climate research carried out at CRU
> >>look a bit mickey mouse.
> >>
> >>Sarah
> >>
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