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date: Wed, 18 Jun 2003 08:17:34 +0100
from: Phil Jones <>
subject: EOS and the GRL paper Mike has talked about
to: Kevin Trenberth <>


> Dear All,
Here's a brief update on the EOS article. It is currently with AGU
and should go soon to
Ellen Mosley-Thompson for assessment/reviewing. Mike and I are trying to
co-ordinate its
hopeful publication with the attached. This is the GRL paper that Mike
has mentioned. Copy is
for your info, so don't pass around. Both reviews were positive and the
attached is the
resubmitted version. If co-ordination isn't possible we will still
replace the long Briffa et al
series (going back over the 2 millennia) in Figure 1 with the blue line
from Figure 2a in the
GRL article. Text will alter, but only to refer to the new curve.
Mike is now finally on his honeymoon. He should be in Hawaii soon and
we'll meet up during
the second week of IUGG.
I'm in discussion with AGU and Ellen about co-ordination as this
should increase the impact
of both pieces. Mike or I will let you know when we hear more.


PS This email only has Kevin once - apologies earlier !

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