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date: Fri, 4 May 2001 16:37:32 +0100 (GMT Daylight Time)
from: Julie Burgess <>
subject: 'History and Climate' book
to: "A. Ogilvie" <ogilvieatXYZxyzt.Colorado.EDU>, "D. Limanowka" <>, Dr A F V van Engelen <>, "Dr A.J. McMichael" <>, Dr Anita Bokwa <>, Dr Axel Michaelowa <>, Dr Christoph Beck <>, Dr Christopher Caseldine <>, Dr Eberhard Hagen <>, Dr Gaston Demar�e <>, Dr Henry Diaz <>, Dr Ingeborg Auer <>, Dr Joanna Wibig <>, Dr J�rg Luterbacher <>, Dr J�rgen Alheit <>, Dr Maria Wastl <>, Dr Reinhard B�hm <>, Dr Sari Kovats <>, Dr Wolfgang Sch�ner <>, K Briffa <>, "N. Nicholls" <>, "P. Jones" <>, "Prof. Dr. Johann St�tter" <>, "Prof. Jucundus Jacobeit" <>, "Prof. T.D. Davies" <>

To all contributors to the book:


Thank you all for the amendments to your addresses, etc. These changes have
been made and copies sent to the publishers in New York. As you are aware we
had to renegotiate a new book deal with Kluwer/Plenum. This required us to
send copies of each chapter in camera-ready form (for text with spaces for
figures and tables). We received proofs on April 24 for the express purpose of
developing an index. I had no intention of sending the proofs to you as all
the chapters had been proofed by the editors during the middle of 2000. The
publishers require the index, contents pages, etc. back as soon as possible. I
realise references could have been updated and maybe sections of text, but this
would likely throw the page numbering and the index completely out.


Professor Phil Jones

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