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cc: "Phil Jones" <>
date: Thu, 18 Jan 2007 06:27:57 -0700 (MST)
from: "Kevin E Trenberth" <>
subject: Re: cycle
to: "Brian Hoskins" <>

My quck advice on this is to indeed acknowledge that natural variabilty
does occur, but it still has a cause (whether external forcing or internal
processes), and the things that are different now are rates of change and
the identified human forcings, while the natural forcings can also be
assessed and they are not contributing in any substantive way, or maybe
even slightly negative since 1950.

> Phil & Kevin
> Many thanks.
> Dealing with these people is a real problem. I do not know whether they
> made it through to Radio 4 this morning but I do know it would be very
> difficult to be convincing in opposition to them in that forum (& with
> my lack of knowledge of all the snippets they put together!)
> Phil: I had not realised that Bob Ward had gone. That's a pity as he had
> done a good job.
> Best wishes
> Brian

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