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date: Wed, 04 Nov 2009 17:45:07 +0000
from: Clare Goodess <>
subject: RE: Annual review
to: Phil Jones <>, "Newell Peter Prof (DEV)" <>, "Martin Adrian Dr (DEV)" <>,

Dear Adrian

Thank you for ringing me yesterday.

This afternoon I discussed your proposal for the 'climate science
team' with Phil Jones and Tim Osborn. Tim has been interested in
involvement in the proposal from the start but has been tied up with
family and teaching responsibilities until now. He will let you have
an additional bullet point for the Climate Science text that Phil
sent you last week. And will also send his CV.

Tim and I are at the same salary level. So, what we would like to
propose is that the proposal is costed for one person at our level
for 30% time. Over the 5 years, the final split would be 20% for me
and 10% for Tim (we would both be named). But Tim would put in
relatively more time earlier on (the first year) when I already have
project commitments.

Together with Phil's input (10% of time) and two full-time post docs,
we think that we would form a very effective and appropriate climate team.

The list of bullet points that Phil sent would provide a focus for
work in the first year - although some tasks would be ongoing (as
climate modelling for the IPCC AR5 progresses, for example). These
tasks are generally more on the service provision side, rather than
the research side (though research would be involved in some, e.g.,
extension of the weather generator). Then we understand that the
broader, key research issues would be identified and specified as
part of the first phase of the work (some of which might be review
work done by the post docs).

I'm out of the office tomorrow, and then (tropical storm permitting!)
off to Panama for an IPCC meeting on Friday afternoon. But Phil and
Tim will be around to deal with things. Please continue to cc me in
one relevant emails however.

One thing we wanted to ask now concerns development of the budget. Do
you need us to provide salary estimates now - and will these be done
under FEC? If so, Phil/Tim can ask Janice Darch to provide the
necessary information.

Best wishes, Clare

At 14:23 26/10/2009, Phil Jones wrote:

> Dear All,
> Here is some text on Climate Science. There is some
> introduction to the acronyms as well as the long history of CRU
> involvement. Some of this won't be necessary, but Clare and I found
> ourselves writing for an audience we were not sure knew all this.
> At the end there is a page of bullet points on what needs to be
> done for the provision of climate scenarios/services in the light
> of expected advances over the next few years (some by the time of AR5).
> The bullet points are ordered roughly in time. What needs to be
> done earliest is first.
> Cheers
> Phil

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