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date: Wed Mar 10 13:04:13 1999
from: Keith Briffa <>
subject: Re: Reconstructions
to: Ricardo Villalba <>

thanks Ricardo
the plot would be interesting - but I might not use it 'cause of space restrictions. Please DO send it anyway. Please tell me about how you and the rest of you see the interpretation of the various Fitzroya chronologies. Do you still think Inverse temperature in previous year? The fact that there are clear differences in the two temperature reconstructions (yours and the Lara et al) still make me think that the interpretation is difficult. I want to say that the potential for further long series is high but I feel I need to say something direct about the lack of clear common signal in the different Fitzroya series. I also want to say something about long-timescale change being not appparent in these data. In the London meeting , I showed a curve of the two reconstructions averaged. What do you think if I wished to put this in the paper and say the standardisation method(s) removed potential for seeing more than decadal-multidecadal changes?
Also , this David Keys keeps hassling me about 536 and the 540s in general. I see NO evidence for unusual behaviour in your data then , and he keeps trying to contrive one. What do you think. What are the main points about southern hemisphere tree-ring work , and south American stuff that I should make regarding future potential?

At 11:18 PM 3/5/99 -0300, you wrote:
> Attached to this file there are three files.
>1) stpi.dat (ASCII file), which contains the observed (fig 10) and
>reconstructed (fig11) STPI data that you requested on the Trans-Polar
>2) keith.doc (Word97 file) is the extended abstract to the AMS meeting in
>Dallas (January 1999) of our work on tracking decade-scale oscillations
>along the western coast of the Americas using North and South American
>records. If you think that make sense to mention this study on the PAGES
>paper, I will send you full references of the AMS paper and its extended
>version which has been recently accepted for publication.
>3) Inqua.doc (Word97 file), which is an abstract to the high-resolution
>section that Ed is organizing for the INQUA meeting next August in Durban.
>The idea is to put all of the millennial chronologies that Antonio, Juan
>Carlos and I have developed from Fitzroya during the past 2-3 years to
>reconstruct temp. variations in the southern Andes. Unfortunately, we just
>started playing with the data and we dont have final results yet. I could
>send you a plot with all the chronologies that we have recently included in
>a chapter for the book on Dendrochronology that Fidelito is editing.
>Hope this help. Best regards, Ricardo
>Ricardo Villalba
>Departamento de Dendrocronologma e Historia Ambiental
>C.C. 330, (5500) Mendoza, Argentina
>Phone: 54-261-428-7029 ext. 33
>Fax: 54-261-428-7370
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