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date: Wed, 21 Feb 2007 11:10:21 +0000
subject: Re: Something funny on Climate Audit
to: Phil Jones <>

Hi Phil.

Thanks - I hadn't spotted this. It's impressively mad.
Steve McIntyre's clearly putting a lot of effort into these posts - but
he's badly let down by the people adding their comments. I don't think
many of them have actually read the papers.

At one point I was going to download the GHCN station data, feed it
through the same processing steps we used on your station records, and
make an equivalent to CRUTEM3. It would be interesting to look at the
differences in detail. However, on reflection this might not be a good
idea - we don't want the two datasets to get too incestuous.



On Fri, 2007-02-16 at 17:10 +0000, Phil Jones wrote:
> > Philip,
> I know you're doing something else now, but the exchanges on
> Climate Audit ( may amuse. There are
> two current discussion on revisions NCDC have made to the US HCN
> data - and the average for the lower 48 US States.
> The later one seems to imply NCDC has modified their data to
> conform to ours !!!! I've sent some emails to NCDC to find out
> what is going on. I know they have improved homogeneity checking
> now and more recent years to check problems induced in the late-90s
> from instrument changes.
> It is all highly amusing reading - you can see how conspiracy theories
> start.
> Cheers
> Phil
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